What You Need to Know About Pond Maintenance in Florida

Ponds are beautiful additions to any landscape. They provide an area of relaxation, a habitat for fish, and much more. However, ponds need maintenance just like anything else. This article will discuss pond maintenance issues in Florida of which homeowners should be aware.

Keep Alligators Out

One of the essential pond maintenance tasks that homeowners must complete is keeping alligators out of their ponds. During the warmer months, alligators may swim into a pond and lay eggs on its shores.

There should be no pond plants on the pond’s shoreline as alligators can use these to camouflage themselves and enter your pond unnoticed.

If you have a waterfall, make sure it is guarded by egg traps or other devices that will prevent alligators from entering the pond by way of the waterfall.

Effects of Sedimentation

Another pond maintenance Florida task is to keep the water clear of sedimentation, which can cloud pond water and change its oxygen levels.

Areas of the pond where water is still or slow-moving tend to accumulate sediments more quickly. Therefore, you should keep pond plants away from these areas and encourage pond circulation with aerators.

Shoreline Erosion

Another pond maintenance task is keeping the pond’s shoreline from eroding. Shrubs and other woody vegetation can aid in this, but pond maintenance products are on the market specifically for erosion control.

Any plants in pond bank areas should grow fast (like bulrush or cattails) to reduce the risk of shoreline erosion.

Overgrowth of Vegetation

Overgrowth on pond banks, floating plants, or vegetation near the pond within your pond borders may require removal.

Vegetation growing near the pond can cause difficulty due to the grasses and vines and the roots they send down into the pond soil. These roots can be harmful to pond infrastructure.

As you can see, ponds are an attractive feature for any property, but pond maintenance in Florida can be complex. The pond will need to have a natural balance of vegetation and shoreline protection to avoid losing its aesthetic appeal.

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