The Irresistible Charm of Backlit Onyx in Bellavista Collection’s Pieces


Revealing the genuine beauty of every material has always been among Bellavista Collection’s strong points. Italian luxury furniture from this brand is crafted out of prime-quality natural wood, metal (cast brass with the antique bronze finish being an absolute favorite), stone (marble and onyx), glass, fabric, and leather. Each of them is beautiful in itself; the perfect design from Attilio Zanni only helps to unveil this beauty.

One of the most frequently used combinations of materials is wood-metal-stone. Dining tables and consoles with marble and onyx top inserts, stylish bar units, and pedestals for artwork have become Bellavista’s hallmark.

Let’s talk about such a constituent of modern luxurious furniture as natural stone.

Not only does it looks grand, but it also is the most sturdy and durable material you can ever imagine.

What is more, each slab of polished stone is unique. Nature is a genius of an artist: it never repeats itself.

Bellavista Collection makes use of two kinds of natural stone: marble and onyx. Marble comes in a great variety of colors. Besides, its swirls and veins create an infinite variety of patterns, that makes this stone irresistibly attractive.

The brand selected a number of exquisite-looking kinds of this stone, looking so diverse that you’ll surely find the one to your liking.

What about white Calacatta marble or greyish-white Carrara? Or would you prefer Invisible Gray with its attractive gray swirls or striped Striato Grey?

Yellowish Breccia Damascata, black Nero Marquina, Pulpis, brownish with small white streaks, stunning Emperador Dark Brown marble – that are just a few ones Bellavista Collection takes for its pieces. As a rule, for each piece with marble detail, several differently-looking options of this stone are offered.

As onyx, a magnificent semi-precious stone, it also comes in a variety of colors, but Bellavista Collection picks the most spectacular and elegant-looking white onyx. To make it even more amazing, designers backlight it with LED lights.

Panels with these lights are installed behind the onyx slab. Since onyx is slightly translucent, backlighting adds zest to its looks. Bands and veins of this remarkable stone, usually barely noticeable, get highlighted, revealing its natural beauty.

Let’s take a quick look at just three of Bellavista’s pieces where backlit onyx is used: RITZ console from the 2018’s Dulcechina collection, TUDOR bar unit, created in 2019, and the novelty of 2022 – a pedestal for artworks named ONYX.

The collection, to which RITZ console belongs, is so special that it still can be found in a separate section of the brand’s website. Dulcechina collection, designed and presented to the public in 2018, was inspired by Oriental motifs. You can tell it from the overall appearance of this exquisite console. Its tabletop is made of a slab of white onyx – the stone extremely popular in China. The LED lighting is an integrant part of the top, in contrast with other Bellavista’s tables with stone tops, where LEDs are available as an option.

Natural white onyx excellently harmonizes with two other materials: the metal of the feet (cast brass with an antique bronze finish, to be precise) and the solid wood of the structure. The wood could be veneered with either of the six species: three kinds of walnut and three of oak, natural and stained.

What is more, the brand offers three size options for RITZ that differ in width. This console table can be 160 centimeters (63 inches), 180 centimeters (70.9 in.), or 200 centimeters (78.7 inches) wide. The height and depth are the same for all three: 87 centimeters (34.3 inches) and 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) respectively.

TUDOR bar unit also looks exceedingly grand, thanks to a backlit slab of marble inside. A mirror at the inner back, and a shelf made of extra-clear glass go extremely well with either of the nine veneering options offered for this bar. Ebony, rosewood, grey sukupira, as well as various kinds of walnut and oak, give you plenty of choices.

The internal parts are crafted out of natural maple wood; the drawer fronts are covered with top-quality leather with multiple colors to choose from. For example, the bar unit showcased in 2019 at iSaloni, had blue leather details. Since new color options are constantly being added, it’s a good idea to contact the brand’s team and ask about the available variants.

Decoration with bronzed studs serves as a finishing touch, giving TUDOR bar a really stylish look.

By the way, TUDOR bar unit has a ‘brother’, so to speak, named TUDOR Jewels. This variant of TUDOR is actually an ornately decorated safe, with a custom-made lock, latches, and keys.

Both TUDORs are of the same size: 125 centimeters (49.2 inches) wide, 53 centimeters (20.9 inches) deep, and 111 centimeters (43.7 inches) high.

Both TUDORs have pretty much in common, although only the bar version has the backlit marble detail. But if you love unhackneyed design solutions, you can opt for the outer cladding in stainless steel sheets with a lovely TUDOR finish.

The brand’s newest 2022 collection can boast of two very special pieces: pedestals intended especially for displaying works of art. Now the brand offers as many as four such items: its ARTE 1 and ARTE 2 pedestals already enjoy well-deserved popularity.

One of the new ones is called ONYX, so it’s easy to guess what stone is used for its top part, which rests on the polished brass base. White onyx helps to highlight the beauty of an art piece, placed onto it. If you haven’t chosen artwork yet, you can well pick one of the cast brass animal statuettes from Bellavista Collection.

Looking at these lovely figures of hippos, rhinos, horses, and greyhounds, you can’t help realizing how masterfully Bellavista designers make the most of metal, showing its natural beauty. BATISTA PEDESTAL is one more example of it. It is an all-metal three-legged pedestal, made of cast brass with an elegant-looking black patina finish. By the way, if you look at the same-named coffee table, you’ll notice that these two pieces are pretty similar. What about getting both and creating a lovely ensemble for your living room?


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