The Best Home Warranty Companies in Colorado

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When choosing between the best home warranty companies in Colorado, it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions, coverage limitations and costs.

Whether your Colorado home is located against a Rocky Mountain backdrop or in a busy city like Denver, a home warranty protects you from the repair cost of expensive breakdowns.

Because of the bitter winters in some areas of the Centennial State, your family can’t afford an inoperable heating system or malfunctioning water heaters. 

Home warranties are the answer, and an independent reviews team did the homework on Colorado residents’ best options. So, without further delay, here they are!

In This Article:

Today’s Homeowner works with an independent reviews team to create evidence-based research that helps our readers make informed decisions.
The reviews are always independent. For transparency, we may be compensated if you purchase through a link.

To help you in your search, the reviews team provides unbiased information regarding products and services, including reviews of major home warranty companies.

Before recommending providers to readers, the reviews team analyzes the number and quality of available plans. They also research customer service ratings, pricing, state availability and more to arrive at an impartial recommendation for the best providers. 

American Home Shield home warranty company logo

#1 Best Home Warranty Overall in Colorado: American Home Shield

To receive a personalized quote, fill out this this form or call 888-878-4576.

The reviews team’s recommended provider for the best home warranty Colorado residents can trust is American Home Shield. The company is available in 49 states and has developed a solid reputation since its founding in 1971. 

Types of Plans

American Home Shield offers multiple packages to choose from when deciding to protect a Colorado home.

Plans range from specialized to comprehensive to customizable. There are separate plans for systems and appliances, as well as one for both.

What makes American Home Shield stand out is its Build Your Own Plan, which allows customers to mix and match 10 types of appliances and systems so that they can protect what they want — and nothing they don’t. 

Systems and Appliances Systems Plan Appliance Plan Combo Plan
Air Conditioning  
Heating System  
Smoke Detectors  
Ceiling Fans  
Plumbing and Stoppages  
Water Heaters  
Water Dispensers  
Central Vacuums  
Ranges, Ovens, and Cooktops  
Clothes Washer  
Clothes Dryers  
Built-In Microwave  
Trash Compactors  
Freestanding Ice Maker  
Garage Door Opener  
Built-In Food Centers  

For homeowners with existing coverage from a new construction warranty or a manufacturer guarantee, the company provides a create your own bundle plan. Both appliances and systems can be handpicked to customize your coverage.

What’s Covered

American Home Shield offers significant maximum payouts for appliances. According to its terms and conditions, the company will pay up to $3,000 to cover the expenses when repairing or replacing equipment in your Colorado home.

While the home warranty company does not include all issues that may arise, it will protect critical components from normal wear and tear. 

Other inclusions, as noted in the company’s sample contract, include damage caused by rust, sediment, undetectable pre-existing conditions and insufficient maintenance. 

Conditions like routine maintenance, cosmetic defects and chimney issues are not included under warranty. 


The Appliance and Systems Plan both start at $49.99 per month. The comprehensive Combo Plan is $59.99 per month, and the flexible Build Your Own Plan falls in between at $54.99. 

Policyholders can choose their trade service fee that is required to be paid to a technician who visits the property. When selecting from prices of $75, $100 or $125, a higher deductible cost can lower the price of a monthly contract.

The Quote Process

You can receive a quote from American Home Shield by filling out this easy form or by calling 888-878-4576

How to Make a Claim

Making a service request is just as straightforward. Policyholders can either submit the request online or call 888-682-1043. Once a claim is expedited, the company will dispatch a local and licensed technician to contact you and schedule an appointment.

As with any home warranty company, there are pros and cons. However, in the case of American Home Shield, there are definitely more pros. 

Pros Cons
– Extensive 49 years in the home warranty industry
– Coverage in 49 states 
– Build Your Own Plan option
– Offers $3,000 coverage caps for appliances
– Covers repairs for unknown pre-existing conditions 
– Policyholders cannot choose their contractor


American Home Shield boasts a three-star rating with more than 5,400 reviews from the Better Business Bureau. Best of all, American Home Shield is, in fact, accredited with the BBB and holds a B-rating from the organization.  

“Outstanding service. Very happy that I purchased a home warranty. Peter showed up and was fantastic. The repair to our exhaust fan on our stove now works perfectly.”

–Thomas S., 5 stars, BBB

“Great customer service. My refrigerator was repaired in a timely manner.”

— Eddie A., 5 stars, BBB

Meanwhile, American Home Shield has earned just 2.5 stars on Trustpilot. 

“It’s good for some things and absolutely worthless for others. There is an unbearable noise coming from my pipes. Last year I had this problem and they had it fixed; it’s happening again and they say it’s not covered. The last time they wouldn’t cover an issue that had carbon monoxide coming in my house! There has to be a better company!!”

— Leah, 2 stars, Trustpilot 

Choice Home Warranty company logo

#2 Best Home Warranty For Aging Homes: Choice Home Warranty

Get a free quote by submitting this form or by calling 848-256-4657.

Another option for one of the best home warranty companies in Colorado is Choice Home Warranty. The reviews team suggests this company as the best for older homes with aging equipment as it doesn’t disqualify appliances based on age. 

Types of Plans

Choice Home Warranty offers two packages. The Basic Plan offers many major home systems and appliances, and the Total Plan builds off it. 

Systems and Appliances Basic Plan Total Plan
Heating system      
Electrical system      
Plumbing system      
Plumbing stoppage      
Water heaters      
Whirlpool bathtub      
Oven, range and stove      
Built-in microwave      
Garbage disposal      
Garage door opener      
Ceiling and exhaust fans      
Air conditioning system    
Clothes washer    
Clothes dryer    

Customers can also customize their plan by including coverage for these systems and appliances as optional add-ons.

  • Pool/Spa
  • Central Vacuum
  • Second Refrigerator
  • Well Pump
  • Limited Roof Leak
  • Stand-Alone Freezer
  • Sump Pump
  • Septic System
  • Septic Tank Plumbing

What’s Covered

While Choice Home Warranty promises to cover all components or parts necessary for the operation of equipment, it excludes acts of God and pre-existing conditions.

The group also states in its sample contract that its maximum liability per covered item is $1,500 during the contract. 


Costs for a Choice Home Warranty plan can vary due to factors like the size of your home and the coverage you choose.

On average, the Basic Plan costs barely over a dollar a day, at $36.17 per month, while the Total Plan is $43.85 per month. 

Service requests require a $60-$85 trade fee due when a technician arrives to address an issue. 

Quote Process

Choice Home Warranty coverage is available in 48 states — excluding California and Oklahoma. To obtain a quote for your Colorado home, you can fill out a simple form or call 848-256-4657

Claims Process

When a system or appliance inevitably requires repairing or replacing, the claims process is initiated by logging into a customer account.

Customers may also call the claims department at 888-531-5403.

The Choice Home Warranty representative in charge of your account will then dispatch a technician from its network of experts to address your claim. 

Pros  Cons
– Dedicated customer service is available 24 hours a day
– Most major systems and appliances are covered in its comprehensive plan
– Coverage is offered in 48 states
– Coverage liability of only $1,500


Choice Home Warranty is not BBB-accredited; moreover, it holds a C-rating from the organization and just over 1 star from customer reviews. 

“Terrible company! I paid for the complete plan for 11 months without a claim. My hot water heater started leaking and I lost hot water. I filed a claim and Choice denied the claim. Their reason was they didn’t not cover the holding tank inside the hot water heater.”

-Kelvin A., 1 star, BBB

However, the reviews on Trustpilot painted a very different picture. There, the company earned 4 stars. 

“Choice is fabulous. I get a professional to fix any problem my house comes up with.”

– Kathy, 5 stars, Trustpilot

“Choice is great on service — a lifesaver and a blessing. 5 stars. Thank you again for your  great service.”

–Anthony Hawkins, 5 stars, Trustpilot

#3 Most Customizable Plan Options: America’s First Choice

Fill out this simple form for a free quote, or call 678-335-2181.

When you need numerous options from a home warranty provider in Colorado, America’s First Choice offers multiple packages. The group provides coverage in 47 states, excluding California, South Carolina and Hawaii. 

Plan Information

America’s First Choice offers separate levels of coverage with varying degrees of protection for covered items.

Systems and appliances Systems Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Air conditioning and cooler        
Heating systems        
Electrical systems        
Plumbing system        
Water heater        
Clothes dryer        
Clothes washer        
Stove and cooktop        
Garbage disposal        
Garage door opener        
Built-in microwave        
Plumbing stoppages        
Ice maker        

Optional Add-Ons

To include even more customization to the various packages offered by America’s First Choice, policyholders can add coverage for this equipment for an additional fee.

  • Sump Pump
  • Septic System
  • Hot Water Dispenser
  • Pool and Spa
  • Standalone Freezer
  • Tankless Water Heater 

What’s Covered

Under America’s First Choice, coverage is straightforward. For instance, covered items are protected from the breakdown of critical components necessary to a home system or appliances operation. Also, exclusions include damage caused by pre-existing conditions, door seals and cosmetic defects. 

The group includes various coverage caps for its warranties. Per its sample contract, appliances are covered up to $1,500, HVAC systems max out at $2,000, and plumbing and electrical repairs are limited to $500 per contract. 


There is only a $16 spread from the most inexpensive plans to the most costly. The Systems and Silver plans, which specialize in different areas, cost $43.18 per month. The Gold Plan comes in at $52.27 and the Platinum Plan will cost you $59.09. 

Quote Process

If you would like a free quote from America’s First Choice, simply fill out this form. Or, you can call 678-335-2181 to speak with a representative.

Claims Process

Policyholders can submit a claim 24 hours per day by accessing an online form, or by calling 855-613-4555. Now, typically, customers are connected with a licensed contractor within 24 to 48 hours of filing. The group also allows policyholders to choose their service technicians. 

Pros Cons
– Offers club member perks like credit monitoring and discounts on home security items
– Allows customers to choose their technician
– Provides numerous coverage options
– Differing coverage limitation amounts may be confusing to understand


America’s First Choice boasts a B rating from the BBB and earned a 3-star rating from customer reviews.  

“Always very courteous on the phone. Have the best service call rate. Quick to respond.”

– Robert L., 5 stars, BBB

“Great customer service and informative information by the representative.”

–Gatt W., 5 stars, BBB

America’s First Choice does not have a profile on Trustpilot. 

#4 Best Home Warranty for Value Shoppers: Select Home Warranty

Receive your personalized quote by submitting this simple form, or by calling 317-204-4697.

Budget shoppers can find great value and comprehensive care by purchasing a Select Home Warranty protection plan. 

Available Plans

Our research team found that Select Home Warranty offers three different packages of home protection. In addition, it’s essential to note that each plan includes free roof coverage, which is an uncommon offering across home warranty companies. 

System or Appliance Bronze Care Gold Care Platinum Care
Clothes Washer  
Garbage Disposal  
Built-In Microwave  
Clothes Dryer  
Air Conditioning System  
Central Heating  
Plumbing System  
Electrical System  
Water Heaters  
Plumbing Stoppage    
Ceiling Fan    

What’s Covered

Select Home Warranty offers protection against breakdowns to components required for the operation of its covered items.

Unfortunately, the reviews team found Select’s terms and conditions that it provides low coverage caps for a home warranty in Colorado. While its maximum liability for an HVAC system is efficient with a cap of $2,000, appliances, plumbing and electricity are only covered up to $500. 

Pre-existing conditions are explicitly disqualified from coverage. Select Home Warranty states that they have the right to restrict protection toward repairing or replacing any covered item without up to three years of maintenance records. 


Select Home Warranty is widely acclaimed for its exceptionally low-cost plans, with Bronze Care and Gold Care both coming in at just $35.83 per month. And, as for Platinum Care, it’s barely over that at $37.50. 

Quote Process

If you’re interested in purchasing from one of the best home warranty companies in Colorado for those on a budget, enter your ZIP code here, and receive an instant quote. Of course, if you’re old-fashioned and prefer to pick up the phone, customer service agents are standing by to take your call at 317-204-4697.

Claims Process

Submitting for service requests is completed by filling out a detailed form. For instance, policyholders are required to supply their personal information and a thorough description of the appliance or system in question and the issue. Once a claim is accepted, the company will dispatch a local technician of its choosing. 

Pros Cons
– Affordable pricing for both contracts and service fees
– Free roof protection is included with all packages
– Appliances are only covered up to $500
– Coverage caps can be significantly restricted without proof of service records


Select Home Warranty is not BBB-accredited and currently holds a B- rating from the organization and a 1-star rating from customer ratings.

However, some customers indicated that the majority of bad reviews left by others were misleading. 

“I just purchased a policy with Select Home Warranty and I think everyone deserves a chance. Reviews are good to review, but sometimes you get the wrong person and it also depends how you speak and behave with the representative.

“I hope they are not as bad as the ratings show … actually called the customer support today and spoke to them and they were very friendly … did not submit a claim, however when I do, I will return to give a new review at that time.”

-Neeraj M., 5 stars, BBB 

When the reviews team looked over reviews left by policyholders on the site Trustpilot, they discovered that 63{5ad4713dcdf095b5e90aabe8844e1d4ac30f2574115e794a77015199f2c7d573} of reviewers expressed their experiences were “excellent” with Select Home Warranty. 

“Great prices, discounts and customer service. Referred a friend right after I signed up and received another month free.”

–Shannon, 4 stars, Trustpilot

Best Home Warranty, First American Home Warranty logo

#5 Best HVAC Coverage: First American Home Warranty

Fill out this form or call 833-204-7134 to get a free quote.

First American Home Warranty was established in 1984 and provides customer service 24 hours per day. The company offers two straightforward plans to protect your Colorado home. 

Available Plans

We provided a Denver ZIP code on the First American Home Warranty website to discover the covered items under a policy. 

Systems or Appliances Basic Plan Premier Plan
Attic and Exhaust Fans
Ceiling Fans
Central Vacuum System  
Clothes Washer and Dryer
Garage Door Opener  
Garbage Disposal
Instant Hot Water Dispenser
Kitchen Refrigerator
Built-In Microwave
Oven, Range, and Cooktop  
Plumbing Stoppage  
Trash Compactor
Water Heaters  

Optional Add-Ons

First American Home Warranty also provides further coverage by allowing the addition of optional add-ons.

  • Additional refrigeration – Pool and spa
  • Central air conditioning – Well pump 
  • First-class upgrade (extends coverage for covered items)  

What’s Covered

After studying a sample contract for a home warranty policy in Colorado, the reviews team found that First American Home Warranty covers appliances up to $3,500, HVAC systems up to $1,500 and caps of $500 for plumbing.

Its protection is similar to other home warranty companies as it covers critical components that are necessary for an appliance or system to operate. 

In addition, the company claims to cover problems caused by pre-existing conditions, if, “at the time coverage begins, the defect or malfunction is not known or could not have been reasonably observed.” 


The costs for First American Home Warranty are transparent, and done annually. The Basic Plan is the cheapest, at $290 per year, followed by Value Premier Plus at $440 and Eagle Premier at $530. 

Quote Process

Obtaining a free quote from the company is completed in minutes; simply fill out this form to get in touch with the company. If you would prefer to have a conversation with an agent, they are available at 833-204-7134.

Claims Process

Policyholders may file a claim by logging into their account or calling the company directly at 800-992-3400. And once a request is accepted, you will be paired with a service technician who will schedule an appointment. 

Pros  Cons
– Covers unknown pre-existing conditions
– Appliances are protected with coverage caps of $3,500
– One must buy add-on protection for air conditioning warranty


According to reviews from the BBB, the company has earned 3 stars after over 1,400 comments. 

“This service has proved to be very helpful and stress-free for me.”

–Luba H, 5 stars, BBB

First American Home Warranty does not have a profile with Trustpilot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before signing up for peace-of-mind coverage, you likely have many questions regarding what a home warranty protects and how it can benefit your budget. 

Are home warranty plans worth it?

Yes. A home warranty protects your financial stability when systems or appliances inevitably break down as they age. Moreover, a policy is an effective way to budget for unforeseen repair costs. 

Will home warranty plans replace HVAC systems?

The maximum coverage caps provided by a home warranty company will determine if an HVAC system can be replaced in full, or if it will cover a portion of the replacement. 

Do home warranty companies cover pre-existing conditions?

Most warranty providers exclude pre-existing conditions from their included coverage. 

Does the home warranty cover old HVAC systems?

Quality warranty companies won’t disqualify systems or appliances from coverage based on their age. 

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