Select Home Warranty: Reviews, Coverage, Cost (2020)

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Is Select Home Warranty the right provider for you? Find out in our review of this popular home warranty company? | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © romakoma

Based out of Mahwah, NJ, Select Home Warranty is known for its affordable home warranty plans, costing under $40 a month. One of the most recent companies to enter the home warranty market, Select Home Warranty opened its doors in 2012.

Is Select Home Warranty the right provider for you? In this article, we take a close look at Select Home Warranty’s coverage options, quotes and claims processes and more to help you decide for yourself. 

In this article:

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Benefits of a Home Warranty

In addition to making mortgage payments on time, homeowners must also prepare for expensive home repairs. Homes are operated by a number of complex systems and appliances that will inevitably break down and that will also need occasional repairs. According to House Method, an HVAC system costs over $4,200 to replace and a water heater costs over $1,000 to replace. These are just two examples of the many systems and appliances that you might need to replace in your home at some point in time.

The vast majority of homeowners don’t have the money to make replacements such as these. So, how do they keep their homes maintained? A home warranty is useful for many homeowners, allowing them to pay a monthly premium and a trade service fee for every repair visit instead of paying out of pocket for repairs. In 2019, over two billion dollars were spent on home warranties in the U.S. alone.

Our review team thinks that is wise to consider purchasing a home warranty because of the peace of mind and financial stability that it brings. You can read more about the value of a home warranty in our article discussing whether home warranties are worth it.

Select Home Warranty Highlights

  1. High-value home warranty plans: Select Home Warranty’s three coverage plans all cost under $40 a month and provide a solid level of protection for homeowners.
  2. Free roof leak coverage: Select Home Warranty is relatively unique in offering free roof leak coverage to its customers 
  3. Charges repeat service call fees: Select Home Warranty charges you a service fee each time a repairman visits, even if your item was repaired recently.

Select Home Warranty is a very good home warranty provider, earning our “Best for Value Shoppers” designation. With Select, you get a large amount of coverage for an affordable price. If you can only afford a very low monthly premium, Select may be the right provider for you. You can read more about this provider’s coverage, cost, and more in the sections below.

You can get a custom quote from Select by calling 888-370-3956 or by filling out this quick form.

Though we like Select Home Warranty, we recommend American Home Shield (AHS) to our readers who can afford to pay a little bit more for their monthly premium. AHS’ service guarantee, Build-Your-Own plan and top-notch reputation make it the superior provider. In addition, there is a good chance customers would save money with AHS over Select Home Warranty in the long run because of its service guarantee.

You can get a free quote from AHS by submitting a simple form or by calling 844-529-9298.

What to Know About Select Home Warranty Plans

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Three plans are offered by Select Home Warranty: Gold Care, Bronze Care, and Platinum Care. You can see what each of these plans offers in terms of coverage using the table below.

In addition to covering the items below, Select Home Warranty also offers free roof leak coverage and a number of optional add-ons. In order to add optional add-ons, you have to pay an additional amount of money, which varies depending on the specific item(s) you wish to add. Select Home Warranty is available in 47 states, excluding Nevada, Washington and New York.

In summary, Select Home Warranty’s coverage plans are comprehensive, covering almost every appliance and system a homeowner would need covered. We recommend consulting a sample contract for more details on Select Home Warranty’s coverage, including information on maximum coverage caps. These coverage caps are detailed in a sample contract and will differ based on the specific appliance and system being covered.

Optional add-ons:  Pool pump, central vacuum, sump pump, well pump, roof leak, stand alone freezer, lawn sprinkler system and septic system

State availability: 47 states, excluding Nevada, Washington and New York

Select Home Warranty Plan Bronze Care Gold Care Platinum Care
Heating system
Plumbing system
Electrical system
Water heater
Plumbing stoppage
Clothes washer
Garbage disposal
Microwave oven (Built-in)
Clothes dryer
Garage door opener
Ceiling fan

Cost Breakdowns for Select Home Warranty

There are two types of costs for home warranty plans, your monthly premium and your service fee. Your monthly premium is paid every month regardless of whether you need repairs. Your service fee is paid every time you need a repair. 

Some companies do not charge repeat service fees when a repair was recently completed on a particular item. Select Home Warranty does charge these fees, which will raise your cost of owning a policy from this provider. Still, Select Home Warranty’s costs are among the lowest in the home warranty industry, making it an attractive provider for many homeowners.

The table below shows you the cost of Select Home Warranty’s monthly premiums and its service fee. 

Select Home Warranty Coverage Cost
Bronze Care About $35.83 per month
Gold Care About $35.83 per month
Platinum Care About $37.50 per month
Service fee $75

How to Get a Quote from Select Home Warranty

There are two ways to get a quote from Select Home Warranty. You can call the company at 888-370-3956 or request a free quote on the company’s website.

When requesting a quote, be sure to ask whether the company is currently offering a promotion for signing up.

How to Make a Claim with Select Home Warranty

Like with its quote process, Select Home Warranty gives you a couple of options to make a claim with the company. You can submit a claim by calling the company at 855-267-3532 or by using the company’s claim form. 

Select Home Warranty offers a guaranteed response time of 24-48 hours, which is pretty standard in the home warranty industry. The company is available 24/7 for calls from its customers, and it also offers emergency services when an essential system or appliance breaks down.

Select Home Warranty Reviews

Select Home Warranty has received mixed reviews on various websites. The company holds a B rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it is not accredited by this organization. This is not necessarily a bad reflection as BBB accreditation is optional and can be very expensive for companies to maintain.

On its BBB webpage, Select Home Warranty holds a 1.1 average customer review rating based on over 800 reviews. This is a low rating, but on Trustpilot Select Home Warranty holds a 3.5 average rating based on over 600 reviews. While Select Home Warranty’s customer reviews aren’t very impressive, these numbers may not be reflective of the overall customer experience with Select Home Warranty. 

Customers tend to be more likely to post to a review site when they have a bad experience than a positive one, so the results can be skewed. Still, some providers such as American Home Shield have better customer reviews than Select Home Warranty. Below are some sample reviews for you to consider on Select Home Warranty. 

Many positive reviews emphasize the company’s customer service, while some negative reviews discuss issues with claim fulfillment. As with any types of customer reviews, both the positive and negative reviews should be taken with a grain of salt since every customer’s experience with a business is different and has a different context.

Positive reviews:

“Mr. Edward kindly took care of my concern. I had dryer issues and Mr. Edward assured me that he would take care of me, and he did. I applaud his great customer service.”

– Marlon W. via BBB

“The experience with Select Home Warranty has been the best out of any other home warranty. The claims are entered in a timely manner and taken care of quite rapidly. Thank you for your excellent service.”

– Miriam Valdes via Trustpilot

Negative reviews:

“The process of getting an appliance repaired through Select Home Warranty is extremely frustrating and time consuming, and then probably won’t happen.”

– Alisa Cozzens via BBB

“They have denied my claim three times after numerous plumbers and restoration companies have called the home warranty stating it needs to be replaced.”

– Kerry Jordan via Trustpilot

Assessment of Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty is one of the best home warranty companies in the nation, and we named it “Best for Value Shoppers”. It offers some of the lowest monthly premiums and service fees for a significant amount of coverage. In addition, this provider offers free roof leak coverage.

If you’d like a customized price, you can call 888-370-3956 or fill out this simple form.

The downsides to Select Home Warranty are that this provider charges repeat service fees and its customer service reviews are mixed. This provider is worth considering, but American Home Shield is a superior provider. We discuss why this provider is superior to Select Home Warranty in the section below.

Recommended Provider: American Home Shield

If you’re looking for a cheap home warranty plan that provides good value, Select Home Warranty may be the right fit for you. However, we recommend American Home Shield (AHS) over Select Home Warranty to our readers for the following reasons:

  1. Better reputation: AHS is the most popular home warranty company by far with one out of every two home warranty customers owning a contract with this provider. AHS is also six-time defending champions of the Women’s Choice award for the best home warranty, and it holds a solid three-star customer review rating based on over 5,000 customer reviews on its BBB webpage.
  2. Build-Your-Own plan: AHS provides a unique Build-Your-Own plan where you can pick the systems and appliances that are most important for you to cover.
  3. No repeat service fees: If a particular repair or replacement fails within 30 days, AHS will repair the failure without charging an additional service fee. 

If you’d like to get a free quote from AHS, you can do so by calling 844-529-9298 or by filling out the company’s quote form.

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