Our Review of Whirlpool’s Warranty (2020)

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Whirlpool covers its products for the first year of ownership. See why you might want a home warranty after your Whirlpool warranty expires. | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © Vadym Andrushchenko

Home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool is a familiar name to many households across the country. Whether you are a current owner of Whirlpool products or are considering upgrading to this brand of appliance or system, it’s essential to understand how the warranty works. You should also have a plan in place for the next steps to take once the Whirlpool warranty expires.

A home warranty provides coverage for a variety of systems and appliances, regardless of their age or brand name. Purchasing a policy is a cost-effective way to maintain the equipment you own while protecting your budget from unforeseen expenses. The best home warranties also offer peace of mind that repair costs for the appliances you rely on most are covered.

We’ll explain how Whirlpool’s warranty varies among its appliances, the limitations of coverage, how to make a claim and what customer reviews say. We will also offer our recommendation for a better provider to cover your Whirlpool products: American Home Shield.

To get a free quote from American Home Shield to see how much it will cost to cover your Whirlpool appliances, call 844-529-9298 or fill out this quick online form.

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Whirlpool Warranty Overview

While the manufacturer’s warranty changes across appliances, most Whirlpool products are covered for up to one year from the date of purchase. The manufacturer states it will cover the costs for malfunctioning components and labor expenses when a problem arises. When you require service, the repairs must be completed by a designated service company, and you must complete product registration for your appliance. 

It’s essential to keep records of your receipts for your equipment as proof of purchase is necessary before service can be performed. A Whirlpool warranty can often be extended by buying enhanced service plans.

How Long Does a Whirlpool Warranty Last?

Whirlpool products are equipped with various levels of coverage that extend after the first year. We’ll show you the Extended Service Plans available with the purchase of major appliances from the manufacturer. 

Whirlpool Washer and Dryer Warranty

All critical parts and the costs for labor are covered for up to one year. After the first year, an additional warranty kicks in and provides coverage for specific components of the machines. 

Second Through Fifth Year Limited Warranty

After one year of ownership, the Whirlpool washer and dryer warranty covers less but pays to replace the top and lid if they rust. Also, each component that makes up the gearcase assembly is covered until the fifth year. 

Second Through Tenth Year Limited Warranty

The outer tub is protected from cracks or other damage for 10 years from the time of purchase. This policy can be beneficial for budgets as the average cost to replace a washer tub can be more than $300, according to ApplianceAssistant.com.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Warranty

A Whirlpool warranty protects vital components of a kitchen refrigerator up to one year but excludes water filters, if applicable. The water filter is only covered for 30 days after the time of purchase if operated and maintained per the manufacturer’s directions. 

Second Through Fifth Year Limited Warranty

The refrigerator warranty also covers the parts within the sealed refrigeration system after the first year. The list of protected components includes: 

  • Compressor
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Dryer
  • Connecting tubes

Repairs must be performed by a licensed Whirlpool expert to fall under the warranty policy. These repairs during the second through the fifth year include both the cost for parts and labor. 

Freestanding ice makers are similar appliances and carry the same initial and extended coverage as a Whirlpool refrigerator. 

Whirlpool Dishwasher Warranty

If you own a Whirlpool dishwasher, the warranty states that for the first year of ownership, all replacement parts and repair labor to correct defects are covered. After the first year, a 20-year guarantee begins for parts of the dishwasher. 

Twenty-Year Full Warranty

For up to twenty years, the DURAPERM™ tub and inner door defects are covered for both parts and labor under a Whirlpool warranty. 

Whirlpool Warranty Exclusions

The Whirlpool warranty does feature a list of exclusions that apply when an appliance malfunctions. First, service calls to correct the installation of equipment are never covered, regardless of the length of ownership. To avoid this, schedule service with a licensed Whirlpool contractor to perform the initial installation. Other exclusions include:

  • Repairs are only allowed when an appliance is under normal use in a single-family household.
  • Damage caused by accident, misuse or alterations is always excluded.
  • The costs for pickup and delivery when repairing an appliance, they are built to be fixed inside the home.
  • Labor costs incurred during the limited warranty periods, after the first year of warranty. 

Events like fire, storm damage and flooding, are also excluded and should be managed by a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Whirlpool Extended Service Plans

The manufacturer also offers the chance for appliance owners to extend warranty coverage by purchasing protection plans for individual Whirlpool products. Whirlpool Extended Service Plans can increase the terms of assurance for up to five years.

Appliance Issues Covered with Extended Warranty
Range Product no powering on
Oven will not heat
Oven cooking unevenly
Dishwasher Machine leaking
Door doesn’t latch
Wash cycle not completing
Refrigerator Insufficient cooling
Refrigerator leaking
Ice makers are not producing ice
Washer Drum not spinning
Water doesn’t drain properly
Product will not start
Dryer Drum does not turn
Dryer not heating
Product running too hot

While the option to extend the manufacturer’s warranty is beneficial to cover the costs of replacements and repairs, buying policies separately can add up, costwise. A better avenue is through a home warranty policy that bundles an entire home’s inventory in one comprehensive and affordable plan. 

Whirlpool Warranty Costs

Limited Whirlpool warranties are included with the new appliance. Extended Service Plans are a separate contract you purchase separately. Extended warranty prices vary based on the appliance, its age and the amount of coverage.

Appliance Lowest Price for One-Year Coverage
Range $34.95
Dishwasher $39.95
Refrigerator $44.95
Washer $44.95
Dryer $34.95

To get a quote for Whirlpool Extended Service Plans, you can call the company or create an account online. 

How to File a Claim With Whirlpool Warranty

Before making a claim, Whirlpool encourages appliance owners to check the manual to find if the issue can be resolved after reviewing the Troubleshooting or Problem Solver sections. If the malfunction persists, you can submit a claim by phone.

You can also schedule a service online by filling out a short form with information about your location and the malfunctioning appliance. The website will point you to a list of preferred service contractors in your local area. 

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Whirlpool Warranty Reviews

Whirlpool Corporation has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1993 and is awarded an A+ rating. However, reviews from consumers have earned the group only a one-star rating. Regarding its warranties, of the 1,136 total complaints received in the last three years, only 156 comments are categorized as “Guarantee/Warranty” issues. 

Here’s a sample of Whirlpool warranty reviews we found:

“I bought a nearly $4,000 fridge from them less than four years ago. I had a complete system failure (which is supposed to be covered under warranty). I have been without a fridge and freezer for a full month now! I’ve lost so much food, had to purchase a separate chest freezer, and continue to waste time and money on purchasing food out and having extremely frustrating conversations with both the company itself and its third-party service provider.”

— Emily M., one star, BBB

“I was told I would receive replacement parts in the post. It’s been three weeks and still no sign of them despite following up with customer support and then apparently sending a second set.”

— Danny Hartigan, one star, Trustpilot

“Great and efficient service. Well done, Whirlpool.”

— Robert Eggo, five stars, Trustpilot

Our Assessment of Whirlpool Warranty

The Whirlpool warranty is an attractive benefit when purchasing an appliance. However, once the one-year full guarantee is over, we feel a home warranty provides more advantages than an Extended Service Plan.

After the initial year of ownership, the major components that keep Whirlpool products in operation are without coverage. The lack of warranty means the costs for both parts and labor are the responsibility of the appliance owner. 

We also find that the claims process can be challenging for the general homeowner. If you choose a local technician who fails to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines thoroughly, the warranty can be voided after modifications. 

Instead, we recommend purchasing a home warranty from American Home Shield to protect your appliances after the one-year Whirlpool warranty expires. 

Our Preferred Provider: American Home Shield

American Home Shield offers comprehensive protection plans that pick up where a manufacturer’s warranty leaves off. It provides policyholders in 49 states with full-home protection with affordable costs, extensive coverage and a dedicated customer service team.

American Home Shield has operated for nearly 50 years and is widely regarded as the inventor of the home warranty industry. Rather than focusing its coverage on a specific manufacturer, American Home Shield protects the entire home with affordable and comprehensive coverage. 

There are numerous more reasons we choose American Home Shield as more efficient coverage than a Whirlpool warranty. 

  • Offers a 30-day workmanship guarantee after servicing covered systems
  • Responds to most service requests within the first 24 hours
  • Flexibility for coverage packages and service fee selection
  • Wide availability in 49 states across the country, only excluding Alaska
  • Covers pre-existing conditions if they were unknown before a contract start date
  • Offers five additional add-ons to customize your coverage further 

What’s Covered

American Home Shield offers three bundled packages to protect your Whirlpool products and appliances or systems of other brands. It also allows you to handpick up to 10 pieces of equipment to customize coverage under a Build Your Own Plan™. 

Appliance or System Systems Plan™ Appliances Plan™ Combo Plan™
Air conditioning  
Electrical system  
Smoke detector  
Ceiling fan  
Plumbing and stoppages  
Water heater  
Garbage disposal  
Water dispenser  
Central vacuum  
Range, oven and cooktop  
Clothes washer  
Clothes dryer  
Built-in microwave  
Trash compactor  
Freestanding ice maker  
Garage door opener  
Built-in food center  

American Home Shield also allows for the addition of add-ons to protect even more systems and appliances. 

  • Electronic extended warranty
  • Pool and spa
  • Well pump
  • Septic pump
  • Guest unit up to 750 square feet

While most of your home’s Whirlpool products will fall into the Appliances Plan, the Combo Plan offers comprehensive coverage for both appliances and systems. We found that on average, both the Systems and Appliances Plans cost as low as $49.99 per month, and the Combo Plan is slightly higher, at $59.99 monthly. The Build Your Own Plan cost $54.99 per month.

Compare the annual coverages of the Whirlpool Extended Service Plans with the comprehensive Combo Plan from American Home Shield. The home warranty provider offers a much more valuable policy.

An American Home Shield costs about $600 to $720 annually to cover around 21 products.

Straightforward Claims

Making a claim for a Whirlpool warranty requires product registration and finding a service professional on your own. Choosing the wrong contractor can lead to a stressful experience and delay the urgency of the repair.

American Home Shield policyholders have the convenience of making a claim with the provider and being appointed a trusted technician to schedule service. Customers can submit their concerns by logging into their online account or by phone. There is no product registration required. 

Renewable Contracts

Once a Whirlpool warranty expires, home appliance owners must face the costs of unforeseen breakdowns alone. Under an American Home Shield contract, policyholders have the option of renewing or adjusting their coverage each year. 

American Home Shield Service Fees

When you make a claim with American Home Shield, you pay service fee to the visiting technician. You choose this service fee when signing up for the contract. The cost of $75, $100, or $125 are offered, and the higher prices will lower the annual contract pricing.

When covered items fail, and the repair costs are within the provider’s coverage caps, your only responsibility is the service fee, regardless of what it costs to resolve the issue. 

American Home Shield Maximum Payouts

Per the American Home Shield user agreement, maximum payouts from the company are generous and can cover most of your Whirlpool products fully. For appliances, a $3,000 coverage cap is in place. The HVAC system is limited to $2,000 for repairs or replacements, and systems like electrical or plumbing are only covered up to $500.

To receive your free quote from American Home Shield, call 844-529-9298 or fill out this quick online form.

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