Tips on how to Body a Nook

If wall framing is in your to-do checklist, along with planning your format and gathering supplies, it’s a good suggestion to spend a bit of time contemplating the corners.

Whether or not inside or exterior, corners are a multitasking a part of the wall. They type the connection between two right- (and generally oblique-) angled partitions; they assist assist the construction above and supply sheer energy for exterior partitions. In addition they supply nailing surfaces or backing, for drywall, exterior sheathing, and trim boards.

Nook Framing Strategies

Conventional framing (3- or 4-stud nook)

3 stud corner framing

Fig. 1
Ian Worpole

In conventional framing, the nook was produced from three or 4 studs and blocking produced from scrap 2x lumber. (Fig.1)

As vitality and materials prices elevated, it grew to become obvious that this methodology used extra lumber than essential. Extra importantly, it produced a chilly spot within the wall throughout winter as a result of the stable mass couldn’t be insulated.

Referred to as “thermal bridging,” warmth loss happens when chilly air is performed by a stable materials from the skin to the inside. On this case, from the sheathing, by the framing, to the inside drywall.

California nook

Exterior partitions

Today, a extra widespread methodology of exterior nook development makes use of two studs joined at proper angles on the ends of the 2 plates, and a 3rd nailed inside the 2 for backing. (Fig. 2) Sometimes called a “California nook,” this various methodology leaves room for insulation, so it’s extra vitality environment friendly.

California corner framing

Fig. 2
Ian Worpole

If extra backing is required for nook boards, siding, or trim, a 3rd stud may be added, leaving room for insulation. (Fig. 3)

(For many who stay in a seismic zone, verify along with your native constructing officers earlier than you begin. Seismic codes usually require extra mass in corners.)

Fig. 3
Ian Worpole

Inside partitions

The identical two-stud configuration can be utilized on inside partitions, however as an alternative of a 3rd stud for backing, some builders will use drywall clips—small right-angled tabs produced from steel or plastic nailed onto the within nook to take the place of a wooden backer. As a substitute for clips, you may also connect backing produced from 1x or 2x scrap materials.

What it’s essential to body a nook stud wall:

Steps for Framing a Nook

Let’s assume that the partitions are framed, in place, and solely lack a nook.

  1. Place your lumber throughout the 2 sawhorses.
  2. Measure the space from the underside plate to the highest plate, switch the measurement to the framing lumber, and reduce the lumber to size with a round or miter noticed. (Tip: To get a pleasant sq. reduce with a round noticed, place a speed square towards the stud alongside the noticed base and use it to information the noticed.)
  3. Set up the primary stud on the finish of a wall plate by toenailing it (driving the nails at an angle) with two 8d nails on every wider aspect, prime, and backside. Be sure the stud is flush to the perimeters of the plates.
  4. Set up the second stud on the top of the intersecting wall utilizing the identical methodology, after which nail the 2 along with 16d nails each 16 inches or so, ensuring that their assembly edges align.
  5. Now add the third stud, nailing it on the within intersection of the primary two to finish the inside nook backing. In an exterior nook, both fill the area on the skin of the nook with spray foam insulation or reduce inflexible insulation to fill the cavity.

This association works for an inside nook as effectively. Nonetheless, suppose you wish to use much less lumber. In that case, you’ll be able to exchange the third stud by nailing shorter 2x blocks or 1x materials in the identical location, or, as a 3rd various, you’ll be able to type the inside nook by nailing or screwing drywall clips each 12 inches or so to the within fringe of the within stud.

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