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Home Staging 101: How to Attract Buyers to Your Home

Staging your home helps homebuyers see what their lifestyle would be like in your house.

Planning to list your home for sale? Consider the benefits of home staging — furnishing the house so it looks its best and attracts potential homebuyers — before contacting a real estate agent.  

When people want to purchase a home, they’re looking for more than a place to sleep. They’re looking for a place to raise families and pursue their dreams. It’s much

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Family Friendly Backyard Makeover

As a lucky winner of the 2019 Orange Tank Competition, Brittany made her dream project to transform her backyard into the perfect family hangout a reality.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend a home blogging conference where I pitched a backyard makeover to The Home Depot. I was so excited to win the competition, and now I get to share the final reveal with you today.

Before The Remodel

When we purchased our home two years ago

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7 Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Cozy

Adding texture, plant life and wooden elements to your kitchen can make it feel cozy.

Winter weather naturally makes your home look and feel cold. If you’re looking for ideas to make your small kitchen feel cozy, you don’t have to empty your savings or spend too much time.

Simple kitchen remodeling tricks like painting your space can create a comfortable atmosphere that lasts year-round.

Here are 7 ideas to make your small kitchen feel cozy this winter.

Cozy kitchen with textured area rug and curtains
Blue window
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How to understand your roof and its requirements?

A good roof

A good roof

Fundamentals requirement for the house has emerged out of roof itself i.e. shelter. In common terminology, it is often said that a man basically wants shelter, i.e. roof when he actually wants a house. It is the protector from heat, snow, or rain for which a person desires a roof. The houses of the poorest of the poor possibly have only roofs or shelters, though they may not be having walls or floors, or other luxuries and we still call … Read more

Best Gutter Cleaning in Dallas | 2021

Check out our list of the top five professional gutter cleaners in Dallas to keep your gutter system unclogged and running smoothly throughout the year. | Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Gutters can protect your home from water damage, but they’ll inevitably become clogged with leaves, twigs, seeds, shingle grit and other debris. When this happens, water can pool on your roof or run over the edge of the gutters, negating the gutters’ original purpose. The quickest, easiest way to clean

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Best Gutter Cleaning in Cincinnati | 2021

If you’re looking for gutter cleaning services in the greater Cincinnati area, including portions of Kentucky and Indiana, check out our top recommendations. | Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Plenty of annual precipitation keeps Cincinnati green, but it can cause leaves and other debris to build in your gutters. Hiring a professional gutter cleaning service ensures that rain and melting snow will flow safely away from your home and prevent roof and foundation damage.

While cleaning your gutters is something that

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