5 Things You Should Know About Kitchen Cabinet Design

Planning your dream kitchen? Much of its success hinges on the kitchen cabinet design — after all, cabinets take up the most space. And you need to make a lot of decisions about those cabinets before ordering them.

Here are 5 things you should know before choosing your cabinets.

Professional designer at Cabinets To Go discusses a remodeling plan with a new client

1. Your Kitchen’s Measurements

It’s common to flip through magazines, scroll through blogs or spot something on TV and want it for your home.

And buying it may be as easy as picking up the phone, tapping a button or ordering through a digital assistant like Alexa or Google Nest.

But while that works for appliances, décor and window treatments, you need a different approach for big permanent installations in rooms with limited space.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, one size does not fit all. You may like what you see in a galley kitchen, but the same design won’t work in your L-shaped kitchen.

On top of that, you may have specific wants that require more space than your kitchen allows.

That’s why it’s important to know the room’s exact measurements. Your designer can use this information to create a cabinet plan that maximizes space and works for you. 

Cabinets To Go is a one-stop shop that takes care of everything. Measure your kitchen, share that information with the design team and then work together on a game plan to create your dream kitchen!

Closeup of a modern kitchen with white upper cabinets and brown lower cabinets

2. Your Cabinets’ Style

Trends come and go, but your personal preferences should guide your decisions. After all, no one knows what looks best in your kitchen like you do — because you have to live with it!

If you’re not sure where to begin, consider the three most popular styles in kitchen cabinet design. For instance, minimalists will appreciate European-style cabinets’ modern appearance with clean lines and completely smooth fronts.

Want a timeless, streamlined design? Shaker-style cabinets’ five-piece door with a recessed center panel offers stylish simplicity.

Interested in intricate details? Raised-panel cabinets — which have a raised center panel and outer overlay — offer an air of formality that’s perfect for traditional kitchens.

Need help? Order a free catalog from Cabinets To Go. If something catches your eye, you can order cabinet samples and see how the styles will look in your kitchen. 

Blue cabinets with gold pulls in a modern kitchen with a black backsplash

3. Your Cabinets’ Color

Once you’ve selected your cabinets’ style, think about their color. Will it complement your walls’ paint or wallpaper? Will it look good with your backsplash?

You can take the safe approach with neutral tones like white or brown, or make a statement with a bold blue or unexpected gray.

Either way, it’s important to have some help from someone who specializes in kitchen cabinet design.

Maybe you like brown because it’s the safe choice, and you know it will match everything in your kitchen, as neutrals often do.

But maybe you also think “safe” is a little boring. What if you’re excited about a bold blue to match an ornate tile backsplash?

When a professional designer lends their trained eye and expert advice, it can help you make the best choice. It’s even better when they share visuals so you can see how everything will look before you commit to it. 

When you schedule a free one-on-one video consultation with Cabinets To Go, a designer will walk you through your kitchen remodel, and they’ll even provide a free 3D rendering of your dream kitchen. 

Gorgeous stainless steel stand mixer emerges from nowhere on a heavy-duty appliance lift attached underneath a cabinet from Cabinets To Go

4. Your Cabinets’ Storage

Looking great only goes so far; you need cabinets that match your lifestyle and meet your storage needs.

Running out of space on your spice rack? Sick of lugging a standing mixer whenever you make dinner? Worried about plumbing leaks in under-sink cabinets?

These are minor inconveniences, but they add up — and make your home more difficult to maintain. Fortunately, there are products to keep your kitchen cabinets organized and you less stressed.

Want to cook with dozens of spices? A Pull Out Euro Spice Rack with four levels saves space without skimping on spice.

Want to stick that standing mixer in one spot and leave it there? A Heavy Duty Appliance Lift that holds up to 60 pounds is there when you need it and disappears into the cabinet when you don’t.

Want to protect under-sink cabinets from rot and stains? A Silver Sink Drip Tray stands ready in case of leaky pipes and product spills.

You can purchase these items as add-ons, or include them in the master plan for your kitchen cabinet design.

White shaker cabinets with gorgeous black pulls in a modern kitchen

5. Their Quality

Creating your dream kitchen requires an investment — one that you’ll want to last. So, last but certainly not least, factor in quality for your kitchen cabinet design.

Only choose cabinets made of durable materials that will stand the test of time. And only work with a company that stands by its product.

You’ll get both from Cabinets To Go.

Their cabinets have a solid birch hardwood frame with a ¾-inch birch center and half-inch, seven-ply sides covered in wood veneer. This makes them rigid and moisture-resistant.

And Cabinets To Go’s lifetime warranty assures you’re covered in case the wood warps, paint peels, or hinges and door glides fail under normal residential use.

That’s not just good business — that’s peace of mind!

Ready to design your dream kitchen? Cabinets To Go has more than 70 showrooms nationwide. Find a store today, or learn more at Cabinets To Go’s website.

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