7 Easy Fall Porch Decor Ideas

Nothing speaks fall more than colorful mums, pumpkins, and corn shocks. To add a touch of the season to your home, spruce up your curb appeal, and welcome your friends with the warmth of the season, consider a few of these fall porch ideas for your home.

7 Festive Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

1. Natural Arrangements

Just because the flowers of spring and summer have quit blooming doesn’t mean you can’t have stunning displays flanking your front door. Create sentinel arrangements using large urns filled with dried branches or grasses with the seed heads on top.

Add a pop of color with the deep hues of pokeberry, autumn olive, or staghorn sumac. Fill in with colorful leaves and long sprays of goldenrod.

2. Fun and Country

Joanna Keel/Courtesy Hostess Jo

Your children will love helping to decorate the porch when it involves carving jack-o-lanterns and traipsing through the cornfield gathering dried shocks. Tie the shocks to your porch pillars using orange and black plaid ribbon.

Give your jack-o-lanterns flowering hair with a mum insert. Or, set your mums on bales of straw on either side of the porch. For a spooky touch, hang spider webbing from the eaves. And,

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Dust Removal Methods And 4 Useful Tools For Removing Dust

Dust is a great enemy of household cleaning. Many people will have a question in mind: “Why is there dust even after cleaning?” In addition to using a dust sweep or electrostatic dust paper, there are actually a lot of dust removal techniques and methods. Let us share dust removal methods and 4 dust removal tools for you!

Interior Design: Design 4 Space

Dust removal method

Dust on furniture is actually caused by static electricity. Static electricity will attract the dust, and over time the surrounding will become dusty. To make furniture less likely to accumulate dust, one simple tool, fabric softener is needed. The softener can provide a layer of lubricating protection to the object, which blocks static electricity, and reduce the speed of dust accumulation.

  1. Prepare electrostatic dust paper, rags, water and softener first.
  2. Before using the softener, thoroughly clean the surface of the furniture with electrostatic dust paper. If you wipe it with a damp cloth first, the surface dust will clump and stick to the object, and it will become dirtier over time.
  3. Add a small amount of softener to clean water, the ratio is about 1:40, too much softener will leave marks on the furniture.
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The Last Word in Traditional English Furniture and Kitchenware

Patrick Williams grew up assisting his parents with the restoration of an 18th century farmhouse in southwest France, a project that extended for 20 years. His wife, Neri Kamcili, was raised in Istanbul in a family with their own “home-building antics.” The two now run Berdoulat, a design firm specializing in the revival and preservation of historic buildings. The couple are well situated for the task: they live in Bath, England, a World Heritage Cultural Site, where they are bringing up their two daughters amid sawdust and lime plaster.

Back in 2015, when the young family settled full time in Bath, they opened a B&B in a 1748 townhouse: see Berdoulat & Breakfast. They lived in these quarters and ran the business temporarily while working on an ambitious series of other projects. One of those, their own store, has recently opened after their exacting resuscitation of a linked trio of Georgian, Regency, and Victorian buildings that were once home to Bath’s answer to Fortum & Mason. A few months ago, we spotlighted Berdoulat’s conversion of a garage in the complex into an Artful Muse House with a Great-Looking Kitchen. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the

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On Our Radar: Food52’s New Trade Program for Design Professionals, Discounts Included

Ever since we first featured their uncommonly good-looking office kitchen way back in 2015, we’ve been devotees of Food52. For one, we share a belief that a well-designed kitchen is the center of the home—and our admiration has only grown since Food52 expanded to include a shop full of well-designed wares for the kitchen, home, and outdoors from over 450 makers, including the company’s own award-winning Five Two line.

Recently the team alerted us that they’ve launched the Food52 Trade Program, offering designers and industry insiders deep discounts in their Shop—plus customization possibilities, a dedicated Food52 representative to aid in sourcing, and an ongoing, well-curated resource for products of all kinds.

Read on for a few of our favorite products from the Food52 Shop (plus more insider benefits for designers, stylists, hoteliers, event planners, and architects):

Photography courtesy of Food52.

Above: A hardy and versatile favorite: the Multi-Pocket Canvas Market Tote by CapaBunga (from $50), tailor-made for a run to the farmer’s market, with pockets for eggs and a carton of milk, a loop to hold a bundle of flowers, and more. The newly launched trade program offers industry members at least 15 percent off all products in the
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Kitchen of the Week: A Living-Room-Inspired Minimalist Kitchen in Stockholm

We are loving the anti-kitchen kitchen trend we’ve been noticing of late. Instead of installing monolith walls of built-in cabinets and big shiny appliances, some designers are choosing to treat the room more like a living or family room and selecting finishes and furniture-like units to match.

Recently, Swedish kitchen company Nordiska Kök reached out to us about such an aytpical kitchen, a recently completed project in an elegant apartment in Stockholm’s Östermalm district. The clients, parents to three children, wanted the kitchen to be the heart of the home, but relocating it to the center meant it would now be visible from both the living room and the TV room. The solution: downplay the standard trappings of typical kitchens and elevate its design so that it blends in seamlessly with the other spaces.

Of course, the room still has to be functional. “We live a busy life, the children have many activities, and we often have friends at home,” says the wife, an interior designer. “It was important for us to have a natural gathering point at home, where homework and cooking can be done. We love to entertain, and my goal was to get a real kitchen

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How to Choose and Plant Ground Cover

In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shares tips for selecting, planting and growing low-maintenance ground cover.

How to Choose Ground Cover

  1. Use a spade fork to loosen and turn over the soil in the garden bed.
  2. Spread 2 inches of compost over the bed, and then turn it into the soil with a spade fork.
  3. Sprinkle starter fertilizer over the bed and lightly rake it into the soil.
  4. Use a garden trowel to dig a hole for a ground-cover plant no deeper than the root ball.
  5. Remove the plant from its pot and loosen the compacted roots by hand.
  6. Set the plant into the hole, backfill around it with soil.
  7. Continue planting ground cover, spacing the plants about 12 inches apart.
  8. Use a watering can to thoroughly water all plants. Water frequently for the first few weeks.
  9. Spread about 2 inches of bark mulch around each plant, but don’t pile it up too tightly to the base of the plants.


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