Best Foundation Repair Companies in Houston | 2021

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There’s a reason there are so many sayings about strong foundations. Your home’s foundation is a superhero. It distributes the weight of your house and all of its contents to the soil below, anchors the entire property in place, prevents structure cracks and keeps groundwater from seeping in. Foundations must also withstand environmental conditions, such as floods, hurricanes, wind and earthquakes.

Unfortunately, Texas cities experience the most foundation problems. In Houston, the humid subtropical climate causes slab foundation to crack and crawl spaces to develop mold and mildew. Add that to the city’s soil-rich clay, and you get incredible potential for a damaged foundation.

If you’re a Houston homeowner noticing cracks in drywall, sticking doors and windows, sloping floors or moisture damage, you may need to have your foundation repaired. Foundation repairs are costly and difficult to navigate. That is why we created this detailed guide for foundation repair in Houston. This guide will help you learn about the top foundation repair companies in the city, as well as their services, cost and financing options.

Top Foundation Repair Companies in Houston

  1. Olshan: Best Overall in Houston
  2. Ram Jack: Best for Financing in Houston
  3. Two Brothers Foundation Repair:
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Best Foundation Repair Companies in Atlanta | 2021

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A good foundation is a multifaceted rockstar. Not only does it anchor your home in place and help distribute the weight of your property and all of its contents evenly, but it keeps out moisture, insulates against the cold and prevents cracks in your interior walls. A bad foundation can be a symphony of woes.

Atlanta is known for its humid climate and dramatic shifts in weather. Unfortunately, this climate presents various issues for both crawl space and concrete slab foundations. Rainy weather may cause the region’s red clay soil to expand and contract, causing cracking and shifting in your home’s foundation. Good, clean gutters also play a major role in your foundation’s structural integrity.

If you notice musty odors, wet basements, wood discoloration or leaning chimneys, a damaged foundation could be to blame. We have created this guide to point you toward the top foundation repair contractors in the Atlanta area, as well as their most popular services and average cost, to give you peace of mind. Be warned, though: Whether you are dealing with wall cracks or basement waterproofing, foundation problems come with costly solutions. That’s why we’ve also factored in companies that provide good

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