4 Toilet Parts You Should Regularly Replace

Toilets — like anything else — leak, wear out and break down. Replacing them is costly and usually unnecessary when just a little maintenance can do the trick. Here the top four toilet parts you should replace when problems arise.

Wax seals are no fun to replace. You need patience, a putty knife and plenty of time. (©Steven Love, Adobe Stock)

1. Wax Seal

One thing separates your toilet from the sewer: an airtight, watertight wax or non-wax seal. This seal, which surrounds the toilet’s exit hole, does more than sit between the fixture’s base and flange. It’s a safety feature, and that’s why it’s one of the most important toilet parts you could replace.

The seal prevents water from leaking as it leaves the toilet and enters the drainpipe. This prevents the kind of water damage that leads to mold and mildew, at best, and rotting that, at worst, could compromise the home’s structure.  

In addition, the seal prevents harmful sewer gases from entering your living space. Hydrogen sulfide, for instance, leaves foul odors, similar to rotten eggs, but that’s the least of your worries. It’s also corrosive, flammable and poisonous.

Closeup of a white porcelain toil with a Fluidmaster Better Than Wax rubber seal on the floor
Fluidmaster’s Better Than Wax toilet seal is an
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Living Room Refresh Just in Time For The Fall Season

The living room is one of the most important parts of the home, as it is used for lounging and entertaining. Maria Valero from Maca’s Diary gave her living room a much needed refresh using products from The Home Depot. See how she transformed her space just in time for the fall season, and how you can do the same.

We spend a lot of time in the living room in my home, so I knew it was the perfect place to update for the season. I started the project by thinking about what I love most about any room, including plants, color and comfortable furniture. I created a mood board to give me inspiration as I started my living room makeover.

Living Room Refresh For The Fall

Living Room Refresh For The Fall

Prepping The Space

I began my project by preparing my wall before painting. I used a putty knife to cover the holes and crevices in the wall using DAP white painter’s putty.After the putty dried, I sanded the area to give it a smoother finish. I also removed the covers from the sockets and cleaned the walls to get ready to paint.

Designing The Accent Wall

I love how creative you can be with an accent wall.

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Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

I absolutely love the holidays – who doesn’t! So when The Home Depot asked me to be a part of their Holiday Style Challenge this year, I was ecstatic! My theme for this challenge is holiday greenery, which is perfect because trees, wreaths and garlands are exactly what our entryway needed.

We moved into our home last Spring, so we’ve only had one Christmas so far in this house. Last year, my focus was mainly on decorating our living room, so this year our front porch and foyer are being shown some love.

Planning and Shopping

When I sat down to plan where and how I’d decorate, I knew two things. One, I wanted to add some holiday cheer to the exterior of our home and two, I wanted to create an inviting scene that stayed true to my love of neutrals in our entryway. I easily achieved both goals thanks to the wide selection of quality, affordable products on The Home Depot’s website. To say the least, they have everything you need to decorate your home for the holidays! Also, as a mom of two with a newborn during a pandemic, the fact that I was able to have

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