Haunted Mine Dragon Lair Scene

Ghouls and goblins may dominate the Halloween scene, but a giant dragon is sure to also delight and fright. Scott Stoll of Stolloween is back with another unique project for The Home Depot’s Halloween Style Challenge. This time, he’s sharing how to create a haunted mine dragon lair. Enter if you dare!

Haunted Mine Dragon Lair Scene

In the small town that I grew up in there is a local legend that is passed from generation to generation. The story revolves around a very wealthy man known only as “old man Grafton.”

Grafton trusted no one except his faithful pony that hauled gold from the mine and his cat named Mr. Sparkles who was said to have the ability to sniff out gold a mile away.

Haunted Mine Dragon Lair Scene

Every night Grafton and his small mine crew would come to town, spend a few hours at the local tavern, raise a little ruckus then be on their way.

One day they suddenly stopped coming into town. After a few weeks the local towns people started to wonder what became of Grafton and his crew. Several expeditions ventured into the dark forest in search of the mine, some never returned.

Later that year on

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How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost?

Knowing what a home warranty costs before purchasing one is important. Learn more about a home warranty’s cost and value in this article. | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © Verena Joy

The cost of a home warranty is one of the most important factors for homeowners when considering whether they should purchase a home warranty. In this article, we take a close look at the costs of a home warranty and whether their value is worth the price.

Home Warranty Costs Summary

A home warranty costs between $300 and $600 annually on average, but your personal cost depends on a variety of factors, including the plan you purchase and the provider you choose.

Average monthly cost: $25-$50 per month

Average service fee: $75-$125 per repair visit

Minimum monthly cost: $20

Maximum monthly cost: $115

In This Article:

Today’s Homeowner works with an independent reviews team to create evidence-based research that helps our readers make informed decisions. The reviews are always independent. For transparency, we may be compensated if you purchase through a link.

What Is a Home Warranty and Is It Worth It?

A home warranty is a service contract designed to protect you from expensive repairs

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Hurricane Sally 2020: Evacuation and Power Outage Checklist

Stock up on plenty of bottled water before Hurricane Sally heads your way. (Jshanebutt / DepositPhotos)

Printable To-Do List

Hurricane Sally is heading for the Gulf Coast with potentially life-threatening flooding, according to meteorologists. Now’s the time for people in its path to decide whether to evacuate or ride out the storm.

Either way, you need to be prepared.

If you plan to evacuate during severe weather, go ahead and gather important papers and have road maps on hand. Yes, you’ll need the old-fashioned, paper maps, since there’s no guarantee that internet connections or your vehicle’s GPS will work.

These are just a couple of ‘musts’ for your hurricane survival game plan.

If you want to weather Hurricane Sally at home, you still need to prepare for inevitable power outages. That means having a portable generator handy and ready or service, along with no shortage of batteries. You’ll also need to stock up on food and water.

Whether you’re evacuating Hurricane Sally or staying right at home, you will definitely need to consider how to protect your home, and stay healthy, during the storm.

Review our checklist to make sure you’re well prepared for this storm.

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Study: As American Homes Get Bigger, Apartments Shrink

Single-family homes are getting bigger, but apartments are getting smaller, according to a new study. (DepositPhotos)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our houses have taken additional roles as places of work, learning and exercising. But how many of us actually have a home big enough to comfortably support these activities?

A new report from STORAGECafé, a self-storage search website, investigates where people are the luckiest when it comes to living space. The study shows how the average size of newly built American homes has evolved during the past decade.

Beautiful, luxurious bedroom with an upholstered headboard and a chandelier
More single-family homes have three or four-plus bedrooms, making them more adaptable during the pandemic. (DepositPhotos)

Single-Family Homes Have More Bedrooms

Single-family house dwellers will find it much easier to adapt to the new working-from-home reality than apartment dwellers.

The average size of a single-family residence built in 2019 in the U.S. was 2,611 square feet, according to U.S. Census Data. That’s 143 square feet more than in 2010.

New apartments, on the other hand, followed an opposite trend, losing about 90 square feet from 2010 to 2019. New apartments built in 2010 encompassed 1,245 square feet on average, while 2019-built units only ticked 1,156 square feet.

Bedroom distribution

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The Best Methods for Cutting and Gluing PVC Pipe

There are many ways to cut PVC pipe — some, however, are better than others. (©Olga Aniven, Shutterstock)

PVC pipe offers many benefits for home improvement projects — its inexpensive, durable, versatile and easy to use.

But it’s also vital that you cut and glue it correctly for home projects. The wrong techniques could damage the fittings, make it impossible for pieces to connect correctly, and cost you money and time.

Read on to learn the best methods for cutting and gluing PVC pipe, and which options are right for different projects.

How to Cut PVC Pipes

There are several tools for cutting PVC pipe at home; among them are PVC cutters, hacksaws and cable saws.

Man cuts blue pvc pipes with pvc cutters
PVC cutters cost just $20 at the home center and are a cost-effective way to cut PVC pipe. That’s especially the case if you have a multipurpose tool that includes a PVC cutter. (DepositPhotos)

PVC Cutters

PVC cutters are the simplest, most cost-effective method for cutting PVC pipe. They produce a smooth cut with no jagged edges.

You can use simple cutters, which are great for 1-inch thickness or smaller, or heavy-duty cutters that can cut pipes up to 2 inches in thickness. Best

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Living Spaces Study: People Want More Space, Less Stuff

Quarantine has helped many Americans realize they have more possessions than they need. (DepositPhotos)

People have had more time and opportunity to evaluate their living spaces, and their needs, during the coronavirus pandemic. And the results may surprise you.

House sizes in the U.S. are on the rise — since the 1970s, new homes’ average size has grown by 62%. According to data from the Census Bureau, in 1973, the average home size was 1,660 square feet. In 2015, that average hit an all-time high at 2,687 square feet. 

But most people still want more space, according to a study by Neighbor. The online platform connects people who have extra space and people who need extra storage. 

In light of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting shutdown that has kept people confined to their houses, about a third of Americans said they wished they had more living space.

45% reported wanting more living space in their next home; 41% wanted the same amount. Only 14% said they’d rather downsize. 

Perhaps the most interesting finding was that, at the same time, 78% of Americans reported feeling they had too many things in their living spaces. They realized

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