Haunted Mine Dragon Lair Scene

Ghouls and goblins may dominate the Halloween scene, but a giant dragon is sure to also delight and fright. Scott Stoll of Stolloween is back with another unique project for The Home Depot’s Halloween Style Challenge. This time, he’s sharing how to create a haunted mine dragon lair. Enter if you dare!

Haunted Mine Dragon Lair Scene

In the small town that I grew up in there is a local legend that is passed from generation to generation. The story revolves around a very wealthy man known only as “old man Grafton.”

Grafton trusted no one except his faithful pony that hauled gold from the mine and his cat named Mr. Sparkles who was said to have the ability to sniff out gold a mile away.

Haunted Mine Dragon Lair Scene

Every night Grafton and his small mine crew would come to town, spend a few hours at the local tavern, raise a little ruckus then be on their way.

One day they suddenly stopped coming into town. After a few weeks the local towns people started to wonder what became of Grafton and his crew. Several expeditions ventured into the dark forest in search of the mine, some never returned.

Later that year on

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