Living Spaces Study: People Want More Space, Less Stuff

Quarantine has helped many Americans realize they have more possessions than they need. (DepositPhotos)

People have had more time and opportunity to evaluate their living spaces, and their needs, during the coronavirus pandemic. And the results may surprise you.

House sizes in the U.S. are on the rise — since the 1970s, new homes’ average size has grown by 62%. According to data from the Census Bureau, in 1973, the average home size was 1,660 square feet. In 2015, that average hit an all-time high at 2,687 square feet. 

But most people still want more space, according to a study by Neighbor. The online platform connects people who have extra space and people who need extra storage. 

In light of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting shutdown that has kept people confined to their houses, about a third of Americans said they wished they had more living space.

45% reported wanting more living space in their next home; 41% wanted the same amount. Only 14% said they’d rather downsize. 

Perhaps the most interesting finding was that, at the same time, 78% of Americans reported feeling they had too many things in their living spaces. They realized

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Home Maintenance Costs You Can Expect, State by State

Before you purchase a home, go ahead and factor in the maintenance costs as well.

Buying your first home can be one of the most thrilling experiences, but while you determine the price range you’re willing to pay, don’t forget about the cost of home maintenance.

While visiting properties to possibly purchase, you’re already imagining how you’re going to decorate the house, what kind of furniture you want, and the moments you will create.

But there are more homeownership costs than you think. The cost of maintaining a house is quite different from just buying a house.

Before you look for properties, create a budget for not just the house’s cost but also its maintenance. Expect to spend at least 1% of the home’s cost in maintenance every year. studied ZIP codes with the highest home maintenance cost, lowest costs, and where you can expect to spend your money every year.

If you haven’t thought about how often you should be aerating your lawn or keeping your house intact, keep reading.

Average Home Maintenance Costs By State

Home maintenance costs by state, 2020

Any home’s cost depends on where you live, and the home’s style, age, and type can also influence that amount.

From ranch-style

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