How to Seal Windows, Doors and Trim

Sealing your home’s envelope — exterior surfaces that protect it from the elements — will increase energy efficiency, prevent water damage and improve the home’s appearance. 

Temperature changes cause every home to expand, contract and crack. Sealing gaps around your home’s windows, doors and trim is necessary to keep the elements outside, where they belong.

Now, it’s easier than ever to cover those cracks and create a seal that will stick around.

This gap in a a residential doorway needs caulking
Thermal expansion and contraction lead to unsightly gaps like this one. 

About Expansion and Contraction

It’s been said that death and taxes are life’s two certainties, but every homeowner knows you can add thermal expansion and contraction to that list.

Building materials expand or contract as the temperature drastically changes. The structure’s size doesn’t matter; neither does the material’s strength. Whether it’s concrete, stone or wood, expect it to expand when heated and contract when cooled.

Thermal impact isn’t the only cause of unsightly gaps. Shifting soil and foundation settlement contribute to the problem.

Think about where window and door frames, along with trim, meet siding. These joints may appear seamless today, but soon nature will take its toll.

Left untreated, these gaps can let air and water

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