She Shed Ideas for a Beautiful, Stylish Getaway

Chelsea Lipford Wolf's workshop, featuring a work table, painted concrete rug, pegboard and pink cabinets and a workbench.

Everyone needs a place to relax. Man caves are where men play games, watch sports and hang out with friends. She sheds are where women craft, scrapbook or — if you’re like Chelsea — build things. If you want a she shed, but you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas to create the perfect getaway.

But first, it’s important to understand more about man caves and she sheds, and why we need them.

Man cave, complete with an arcade game, pool table and masculine furnishings
(©Iriana Shiyan, Adobe Stock Photos)

About Mancaves and She Sheds

Men and women thrive on spending time alone in their personal space with relaxed rules. This relieves stress, fosters creativity and improves mental health, according to clinical psychologist Dr. Libby Watson.

That’s just one reason why man caves and she sheds — which, typically, couldn’t be more different in appearance and function — have become popular ideas for modern homes.

From the furniture to décor, a man cave often looks nothing like the rest of the house. It may have a pool table, putting green and full-service bar. It may have antlers mounted on driftwood and framed jerseys and trophies on display. And you can bet there’s a huge flat-screen TV.  

That’s all by

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Clowning Around with Color for Halloween

This color-loving designer is very much looking forward to her favorite holiday season. So much so, that I am going to show you how The Home Depot has everything you could possibly need to decorate your front step for the upcoming Halloween holiday!

Clowning Around with Color for Halloween

When I first assessed our front door’s “trick-or-treat” situation, it was something straight up out of a scary story. Complete with a creepy door knocker, a dry wood door, old paint and lots of red brick. However, I knew it was something I could easily fix with bright, bold paint and some fun Halloween decor!

One-Stop Shop for Halloween Decor

Clowning Around with Color for Halloween

And that’s why The Home Depot is my one-stop shop for Halloween! After perusing their new 2020 Holiday collection online, my entire Halloween design quickly came to fruition in my mind’s eye. So I ordered these two scary (yet very colorful) clowns, along with some other Halloween decor items (via The Home Depot mobile app) and then got to selecting some BEHR paint colors for that dry front door.

Add Colorful Paint

Clowning Around with Color for Halloween

Just like the true color lover I am, I ended up selecting 29 different BEHR paint colors for our front entry’s exterior door

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Bookshelf Closet Makeover

How many of us own a closet that has become an unorganized, cluttered storage space? A lot of us have at least one. Riche Holmes Grant of The Riche Life is sharing how she and her little one turned their cluttered closet space into a cool, neat bookshelf closet. Riche is one of the 2020 Orange Tank Competition winners from this year’s Haven Conference, check out her project below.

Industrial Chic Closet Bookshelves

My daughter, Riley, and I share a Mommy + Me office that we love. Over the years, we’ve styled it to fit our personalities, but the one area that hasn’t gotten any love is our closet. It’s become a dumping ground for books and other miscellaneous items that don’t have a home.

We knew that the closet was long overdue for a makeover, so we decided to install DIY bookshelves. I was inspired by my time living in New York City to give the space an industrial chic look, so we used peel-and-stick wallpaper for the stunning exposed brick backdrop and poplar boards supported by decorative plumbing pipes for the open concept shelves.

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Both the wallpaper calculator and the buy on-line, pick up in store option on

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Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

As soon as the clock strikes September, I start feeling the Halloween spirit in the air. Since this infamous night of trickery looks a little different this year, it’s time to get extra creative with the festivities. I’m a DIY-er at heart, so when The Home Depot reached out to me to participate in their Halloween Style Challenge with their new clown decor, I knew I had to create something extra spooky.

Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

Creating the Carnival

When it comes to Halloween, I love to go big. I do not have a home of my own just yet, so traveling back to my roots and decorating my parents’ house for Halloween is one of my favorite traditions. Growing up, I remember the ‘theme’ of each house in our neighborhood year after year, and loved the tradition of going back to see how they added to their display.

When The Home Depot asked to take on the theme of clowns – I was a little wary. After all, clowns are scary. However, what is better than a carnival – especially on Halloween? To create the entrance, I created this homemade sign with cardboard and spray

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Your Source for Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets and Organizers

Cabinets To Go has functional, stylish, affordable products that will make sure your kitchen stands the test of time.

Planning your dream kitchen? Cabinets usually take up the most space, so it’s important to choose some that are functional, stylish and affordable.

Whether you’re building a home or considering a kitchen remodel, it’s smart to choose materials and products that are built to last.

Not sure where to search? Cabinets To Go is a one-stop shop for cabinets, countertops, sinks and flooring, along with accessories to declutter your kitchen.

Close-up of a large white apron sink in the kitchen
You can completely customize rooms with cabinets, knobs and pulls that match your sense of style.

Their durable all-wood cabinets have high-end features like soft-closing doors and drawers, along with adjustable, European-style hinges.

An easy-to-clean, scratch-resistant UV surface protectant locks in vibrant colors and keeps your cabinets looking new for years to come.

And you can make them your own by adding unique knobs and pulls, along with kitchen organizers to corral your clutter.

Let’s face it, creating a dream kitchen is an investment, and cost is a concern for many homeowners who want to keep remodeling to a minimum.   

Fortunately, these cabinets aren’t just nice to

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How to throw an outdoor “Mask-querade” Halloween Party

Holiday season this year will be a bit different, especially Halloween. We’re used to dressing up, trick-or-treating from house to house in the neighborhood with family and throwing large, fancy costume parties. Due to social distancing, we unfortunately have to cut back. Luckily, Nickell Morgan of Simply Handmade shared her idea of an intimate, socially distanced Halloween gathering right in her yard. Check out how she pulled it off below.

The Planning Phase

For this year’s Halloween Style Challenge, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be able to spend some time with a select few friends, since we haven’t been able to because of COVID-19. My husband and I came up with the idea of a “mask-querade” party so we can enjoy each other’s company safely!

How to throw an outdoor “Mask-querade” Halloween Party

I was so excited to find out The Home Depot’s entire Halloween collection was available online for me to browse at my convenience, and not have to worry about going into the store. Not only did I manage to snag amazing Halloween items, I also browsed their entire website for gorgeous flatware, and plates to go with the moody theme I wanted to achieve for the dinner party. My friends and

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