5 Ways to Enhance and Organize a Pantry

Your pantry doesn’t have to be perfect — it just has to be organized, so you can find what you need.

Organizing a pantry and giving it some style will make this space not just functional, but also efficient and visually pleasing.

Follow these
tips to make the most of your pantry:

New wooden shelves for organized pantry
Nothing makes a pantry look complete like a new set of shelves.

1. Install
More Shelves

If your pantry’s shelves are filled and you need more storage, look up! Always work to maximize your storage vertically, because there’s usually more space than what’s been used.

In addition, avoid placing anything — even if it’s neatly organized — on the floor. This makes the space appear open, bigger and prevents a cluttered appearance.

Finally, consider building floating shelves on any unused wall space, or repurpose everyday items — such as wicker baskets — into shelves, as a budget-friendly solution.

Organized pantry with blue bins for batteries, bulbs and rags.
These plastic blue containers stylishly stand out from other items in the pantry.

2. Add Bins
and Racks

It seems like the family pantry is never big enough to store everything you need. Or, even if size isn’t the problem, disorganization makes it difficult to find what you need, when

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