Review of A.B. May Home Warranty

In this review, we discuss plan options, cost, coverage limitations and more. See if A.B. May is the right home warranty for you. | Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, © Polarpx

Keeping up a home is expensive. It’s enough for a homeowner to have to think about day-to-day financial tasks like grocery shopping, stocking cleaning supplies and other everyday items that are needed to keep your home running smoothly.

It’s another story entirely when one of your critical appliances or systems fails. These big-ticket items can cost a pretty penny to repair or replace, and aren’t covered under homeowner’s insurance.

This is where a home warranty comes in. They exist to provide peace of mind to homeowners who aren’t looking to be surprised or blindsided by expensive repairs to their electrical system or water heater thanks to a service agreement that covers the cost of repair or replacement. 

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We’re reviewing A.B May’s home warranty service agreement to help you choose the

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Avoid These 5 Common Snow Removal Mistakes

Follow our snow removal tips to keep the job efficient and safe.

In many regions, snowfall is simply a part of winter. And whether you get a few inches or a few feet, it’s important to remove snow from your property’s walkways, stairs and paths, as well as occasionally from your roof.

While snow removal may seem simple, done incorrectly, shoveling snow can be linked to injury and even death. At the same time, waiting too long to shovel, or using improper techniques, can mean that your home and property aren’t as easy to navigate or as safe as they should be.

If you avoid these common snow removal mistakes, then you will do this chore correctly every time.

Snow falling on house and causing too much buildup
Delaying snow removal will make the job overwhelming.

1. Delaying Removing Snow

The biggest mistake most people make in snow removal is simply waiting too long. Of course, this isn’t a problem if you’ve only had a few inches fall, but for several inches — or feet — of snow, you need to begin promptly.

The more snow that accumulates, the heavier and harder it is
to remove. By shoveling and removing
snow frequently, you make the job easier

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