Fresh Faux Greenery and Classic Christmas Decor

Check out this festive holiday decor by Suzannah Stanley of Create/Enjoy. This quick, easy and festive Christmas decor will have your home lighting up the block and it’s all available at The Home Depot.

We made choosing our holiday decor easy this year by finding everything we need at The Home Depot! We always get a live tree. But didn’t have time to go out to a farm and cut one out this season. Instead we picked out a beautiful fresh Noble fir from our local Home Depot store. And picked up three 15’ fresh cedar garlands there, too!

Tree and Essential Accessories for Christmas Decor

We decked out the tree with other essentials from The Home Depot, like this beautiful light-up tree topper and these glass ornaments in “Smoke”. (HD has a glass ornaments in tons of colors, great way to add a specific color and I love the quality!) We also got this genius waterproof under-tree mat in Khaki (very close to our floor color). It’s covered by the tree skirt, but it protects the floor and provides a great base for the tree stand.

We also bought some new lights. We used to run into

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7 Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Cozy

Adding texture, plant life and wooden elements to your kitchen can make it feel cozy.

Winter weather naturally makes your home look and feel cold. If you’re looking for ideas to make your small kitchen feel cozy, you don’t have to empty your savings or spend too much time.

Simple kitchen remodeling tricks like painting your space can create a comfortable atmosphere that lasts year-round.

Here are 7 ideas to make your small kitchen feel cozy this winter.

Cozy kitchen with textured area rug and curtains
Blue window treatments that match a round area rug give this kitchen texture.

1. Focus on Texture

Nothing says ‘cozy’ like ‘texture.’ Decorate your kitchen with textured throws and pillows on accent chairs and window seats. You can also create a winter palette using dark window treatments and matching placemats.

Don’t forget the floors! Fill that blank space in the middle of the kitchen with a round area rug that matches the window treatments.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf and homeowner paint laminate countertop
Painting your laminate countertops is an easy way to update your kitchen’s look.

2. Change Your Color Scheme

Does your small kitchen have an accent wall or a wall with no decor? If so, paint it a dark color such as deep red, olive, warm orange or brown.

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How Long Does Copper Pipe Last?

How long does copper pipe last? It’s an important question if you’re investing in new plumbing for your home.

The lifespan of copper piping is not as straightforward as many people think. For example, there are different types, each with a different lifespan.

If you want to make the best investment in your home, make sure your plumber is installing the right type to meet your needs.  

Types of Copper Pipe

You may have heard that copper pipe lasts 50 to 70 years. That’s true, but only for the mid-range pipes. So, here’s how long each type of pipe really lasts.

1. M-Type

Type M copper pipe is the thinnest pipe that can be used for residential plumbing. While some people argue these pipes should last 50 years, in practice, it may not last more than 20. Copper pipe will corrode if exposed to water with high acid levels and the thin walls of M-type pipe don’t offer much protection against this wear-and-tear.

Some blame the early failure of copper pipes on acidic water, but choosing the thinner M-type pipe is a big factor in the shortened lifespan of these pipes. After all, you can’t always choose the

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Selling Your Home in the Winter: Tips from Top Agents

Selling your home in the winter is uncommon, but has its advantages.

Selling your home in the winter may be uncommon — in most areas, sometime around May is the hottest season for real estate — but it has its perks.

The Off-Season Advantage

If you want to sell your home in the winter, you’re in luck because there’s much less competition during the off-season stretch.

Imagine a potential homebuyer driving around your town, passing your place, seeing a “For Sale” sign, and not encountering another one for miles!

While selling your home in the winter isn’t so common, it definitely makes your home stand out for winter buyers! This means, in some ways, it’s always a seller’s market during this season, especially if you fix up your home and make it irresistible to buyers.

Attracting Buyers

If you’re planning on selling your home this winter, here’s what 500 top real estate agents say you should do to attract buyers, according to HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Survey.

For instance, take a long, hard look at your home’s interior and view it through a potential buyer’s eyes. How are the driveway and walkway holding up? How cozy is your kitchen

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SOLVED: Why Is My Water Bill So High?

shower head in bathroom with water drops flowing

Have you opened your water bill in shock as you noticed an unusually high amount that’s due?

Most households use around the same amount of water each month, so a significant increase in your statement could be a surprise for more than one reason. In addition to the unexpected charge, it could indicate a problem with your plumbing system.

But before you become too alarmed about the potential causes for a high water bill — not to mention how much it could cost to fix them — it’s important to consider all the possibilities.

For instance, multiple factors could contribute to a high water bill, and they range from routine to more serious situations. Among them are incorrect appliance installations, leaking pipes, sewer leaks and broken sprinkler systems.

Of course, your water bill also may be high because of something as simple as using more water one month to fill up a kiddie pool.

That’s why it’s important to consider any unusually large consumption of water before thinking of the worst-case scenario. After all, it’s easy — and all too human — to turn on the taps, have more relaxing baths

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Office and Guest Bedroom Refresh

When the family comes home for the holidays, there’s no greater feeling than knowing you have a cozy guest room to host them in. JeriKey Moujoodi of Farmhouse Love was able to transform her office/guest room just in time with help from The Home Depot.

I was super excited about this room refresh with The Home Depot and I could not wait to start decorating! It’s been a room we have not touched for over two years and thankful it is done and super cozy now thanks to The Home Depot’s gorgeous home decor selection!

The Before

Here’s a before picture of the office/guest bedroom. We started with a bed, office desk, dresser and chair. This room didn’t have a lot going for it until this room refresh!

The Process

I was so excited for this room refresh, because like I said, we had done nothing to the room since we moved in two years ago! I was able to all get home decor I needed from The Home Depot to style the whole room as a stylist office-guest bedroom hybrid.

Office and Guest Bedroom Refresh

Adding a Little Green

I started with the Large: 17 in., Medium: 15 in., Small: 12 in. Light Gray

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