How To Build A Large Wall Shelf with Varathane Premium

Everyone loves when a DIY project can add functionality and beauty to a home! Dena Breitmeyer of Fletcher Creek Cottage demonstrates how a simple staining project can be completed in one afternoon with a just a few materials from The Home Depot.

I love it when a DIY project can add functionality and beauty to my home! I love it even more when the project is super simple, requires very few materials and you can get it done in just one afternoon!

How To Build A Large Wall Shelf with Varathane Premium

This DIY Is Fun And Easy To Do

How To Build A Large Wall Shelf with Varathane Premium

Today I’m excited to share the steps on how I built the large wall shelves that I have in our home! I’m also going to share how to finish them, so they have a custom look that’ll help them to really stand out on your wall. Chances are if you have a garage with a few things on hand you won’t need to buy a lot for this project! I only needed to buy the three following materials to build this shelf.

How To Build A Large Wall Shelf with Varathane Premium

How To Build A Large Wall Shelf with Varathane Premium

Materials Needed To Build This Large Wall Shelf

Tools Needed For This Project

This project is super simple so you’re only going to need a few tools. You

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Protecting Our Fence With Clear Waterproof Sealant

Stains on our wooden fences can take away from the curb appeal of our beautiful yards. Instead of painting them a different color, which we’ve all thought about, check out the video and blog below to see how Suzannah Stanley was able to refresh and waterproof her wooden fence.

Why we wanted to stain or seal our fence

We had our fence replaced this spring—one of the best things we’ve done at this house! It was previously a dented, mossy, slatted chain link with mismatched cedar gate area. And it wasn’t tall enough or fully sight-obscuring once we had all the ivy and extra vegetation around it removed. We replaced it with a standard cedar fence. It’s common in this area but definitely shows age after lots of Pacific Northwest rain. We definitely wanted to stain or seal it somehow. After research, we learned it’s best to do this 6-8 weeks after installing the fence so the boards can dry out and cure.

Products and Applications

Research on products and application methods followed. The Home Depot carries #1 rated Olympic stains with both weather-ready application and long-lasting durability. We wanted a clear product to protect the fence from aging rather

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DIY Patio Deck Makeover with Olympic Wood Stain

Liven up your back patio or deck without over spending on an expensive remodel job. Check out how Sam Raimondi of DIY Huntress revamped her Grandparents’ patio deck with a few simple coats of Olympic Exterior Wood Stain.

Summertime is the perfect time to give your deck some love! I recently decided to refresh my grandparents’ weathered deck in their backyard with Olympic Exterior Stain to give them a cute and practical outdoor space to hang out on while stuck at home. This project took me a few days to complete (luckily, the weather held out) and made a huge impact in their backyard.

Here’s the before:

DIY Deck Makeover with Olympic Stain

Here’s the after:

DIY Deck Makeover with Olympic Stain

Not bad for a long weekend of work. Ready to see how I did it? Let’s get started!

Step 1

First step in any deck project is to clear the deck and inspect the boards to see if any need to be repaired or replaced.

DIY Deck Makeover with Olympic Stain

Step 2

Once the boards were inspected (I luckily didn’t have to replace any), I knocked down any loose or lifted nails using a hammer.

DIY Deck Makeover with Olympic Stain

Step 3

Next, I cleaned off the deck using a thick bristle brush.

DIY Deck Makeover with Olympic Stain

Step 4

After removing debris

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Home Office Makeover

Need a little inspiration on what to do with that spare room in your home? Jen Woodhouse of The House of Wood was able to transform her spare room into her dream home office with the help of The Home Depot. Read more below see how she was able to make it happen.

Hi everyone, it’s Jen Woodhouse here, digging myself out from under months of home renovations! I am thrilled to finally reveal my home office makeover! I am over the moon in love with this space! But first, let’s Tarantino this bad boy and rewind. We need to look at where we started, so we can marvel at how far we’ve come!

The Room Before

This is how the room looked before we moved in. It’s a great space with tons of natural light, but it lacked a clear direction. Is it a study? A playroom? A den? We can’t be sure, but I instantly fell in love with those two gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows! So much natural light floods into this room everyday.

Home Office Makeover Reveal

Here’s what this room looks like now. Drum roll please.

Now that the renovation is done, it’s time for the fun

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Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

Yvette Marquez of Muy Bueno Blog not only fills her home with delicious, authentic Mexican recipes but she also adds tradition and style through décor. Spending quality time with family while enjoying great food is what fueled the Muy Bueno Blog. See how Yvette merged her dining space and her everyday workspace with the help of The Home Depot.

Hola, I am Yvette from Muy Bueno, and I’m excited to share my double-duty office workspace studio and dining room project on The Home Depot Blog!

Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

As a food blogger I have collected quite a bit of props – dishes, silverware, linens, textiles, cookware and small appliances just to name a few. Not to mention my collection of Mexican pottery and obsession with thrifting.

Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

I finally had the idea to turn our rarely used formal living room into an office/studio/prop space/dining room.

Before the Makeover

Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

Here’s a before picture of the living room. This room was filled with oversized furniture, and the room was dark and rarely used.

After the Makeover

Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

Now, I have a stylish double-duty workspace and dining room using transitional pieces that transform a casual home office for everyday use into a prop storage space, studio space

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Fresh Faux Greenery and Classic Christmas Decor

Check out this festive holiday decor by Suzannah Stanley of Create/Enjoy. This quick, easy and festive Christmas decor will have your home lighting up the block and it’s all available at The Home Depot.

We made choosing our holiday decor easy this year by finding everything we need at The Home Depot! We always get a live tree. But didn’t have time to go out to a farm and cut one out this season. Instead we picked out a beautiful fresh Noble fir from our local Home Depot store. And picked up three 15’ fresh cedar garlands there, too!

Tree and Essential Accessories for Christmas Decor

We decked out the tree with other essentials from The Home Depot, like this beautiful light-up tree topper and these glass ornaments in “Smoke”. (HD has a glass ornaments in tons of colors, great way to add a specific color and I love the quality!) We also got this genius waterproof under-tree mat in Khaki (very close to our floor color). It’s covered by the tree skirt, but it protects the floor and provides a great base for the tree stand.

We also bought some new lights. We used to run into

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