Kitchen Renovation with Drawer Microwave

Your kitchen is where delicious meals are created, and pleasant family time is spent. Gina Matsoukas of Running to the Kitchen transformed her kitchen to a more bright and lively space with help from The Home Depot. Check out her entire remodeling process and the new appliance used to modernize her kitchen.

After living in our house for 10 years with a career change halfway through that requires me to be in the kitchen all day long, we finally bit the bullet and decided to renovate. The dark cherry cabinets that closed the space in from the rooms on either side of the kitchen had to go. To get the open feel and additional light that was number one on my priority list, a major structural wall had to come down. It was a major undertaking (and if I never see another microwave meal again, it will be too soon), but many months later the space is exactly as I envisioned it: bright, light and airy. It’s the perfect balance between function and aesthetic.


Kitchen Renovation with Drawer Microwave

The kitchen is located in the center of the house. The only window above the sink faces east. The dark cherry cabinets and the wall

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Spring’s 5-Step Home Maintenance Plan

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it’s a great time to address any roof damage that came with the fall and winter, and clean those often-neglected gutters and downspouts.

You can make sure the air conditioner will work when temperatures skyrocket and take steps to prevent your clothes dryer from catching on fire.

And you can transform a blank backyard to colorful flowerbed landscapes that will make home look and feel more like ‘home sweet home.’

It’s possible to do these things, and more, to improve your home and enhance your life. But first, you need to have a plan. And for that, read on!

Clean The Roof And Check For Damage

Regular roof maintenance is the most important maintenance tasks you can do around the home, since the roof protects you and everything inside your home. You should keep your roof clean, clear and in good shape, as small problems today can lead to much bigger ones in the future.

Spring is the best time for roof maintenance because your roof has weathered the fall and winter; it’s seen its share of leaves, limbs and snowfall, and it’s finally getting a reprieve.

Lingering debris can lead to

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Creating The Perfect Girl Garage Space

We’ve all seen the typical “Man Cave” garage, but this one is for the ladies who love tools too. Read more to see how one of our Orange Tank winners, Cara Newhart of Never Skip Brunch, renovated her garage into a glamified workspace with the help of The Home Depot.

Cara from Never Skip Brunch here — I’m SO excited to show you the big reveal of my “Brunch Babe Space” aka my new Girl Garage.

This space functions as my studio and workshop space. As well as a place where I can create DIY tutorial content and host hands-on workshops in person.

Creating The Perfect Girl Garage Space

So many amazing products from The Home Depot went into making this space a reality. From materials that fueled unique DIY projects to bold furniture and chic accessories. All helped infuse character and bring gorgeous touches to an otherwise functional space.

Creating The Perfect Girl Garage Space

Unapologetically Feminine Feel

With pink accents almost everywhere you look and a playful chic style, this space is not your normal workshop. I’m on a mission to empower women to DIY big and design homes they’re truly in love with. I wanted the space to reflect that feeling.

DIY and home improvement isn’t just for the

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How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

One room in the house everyone uses is the bathroom. Read more below on how DIYer Marci Schneider was able to use some quick vinyl moulding to add an instant facelift to her bathtub.

Decorative moulding on the front of a bathtub adds an instant facelift to an outdated tub and really improves the overall look of a bathroom. Read on to see the full tutorial on how to easily add moulding to a bathtub and give it the makeover it needs!

How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

Step 1: Prep

Using a putty knife, hammer, and pry bar, remove all existing trim or moulding pieces from the surface of the bathtub that you do not plan to use for this project. Make sure to also remove any baseboards that sit flush with the front of your bathtub and may get in the way of applying the new moulding (optional side note – save these baseboards for later as they may be reused again during Step 8). Clean the surface area of your bathtub well to remove all dust, stains, paint drips, and/or old glue on the surface of your tub where the new moulding will go. This is to ensure that the

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Color Chose Easy with ProjectColor App™: A Round Up

For many, the most exciting part about renovating your home is the painting. Especially when the job’s made fun and easy. See how these bloggers were able to tackle their paint projects with the help of Behr Paint and The Home Depot’s ProjectColor App™.

Anika’s DIY Life Fun Room Makeover

Anika of Anika’s DIY Life knew that her son’s new dinosaur-themed room makeover would be fun and easy with the help of The Home Depot’s ProjectColor App™. They were able to decide on the perfect dinosaur greens, “Secret Meadow” and “Back to Nature.” It was bittersweet changing her baby boy’s room, but this colorful transformation was a true reflection of his growing personality. Check out Anika’s blog on how she brought this project to life.

Crisp, Clean Color Line Mural

Color Chose Easy with ProjectColor App™: A Round Up

Lindsay Zeulich of Wood Brain decided that her guestroom deserved a fun and funky mural design that bounced all around the room, from the walls to the ceiling and back. She used a variety of bright Behr colors, including “Extreme Yellow,” “Summer Dragonfly,” “Thai Teal,” “Real Teal” and “Deep Breath” for this cool transformation.

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Vintage Small Bathroom Renovation

When you’re a part of military family, you tend to move often and updating your home space can feel limited. Christy Black of 11 Magnolia Lane was able to take advantage of a few The Home Depot products to give her bathroom a much needed renter-friendly update with a vintage touch.

When we moved into Magnolia Cottage this past July, I knew that the downstairs bathroom was going to need a facelift sooner rather than later. While I absolutely loved the vintage touches, like the clawfoot tub, the cast-iron apron front sink, and the beadboard, the space looked slightly dated, especially the discolored vinyl floor.

Since we’re a military family and we move often, we’re renting this home, but fortunately the homeowner is 100% supportive of all of my updates and projects. Since we’ve partnered with The Home Depot in the past, I knew this could be another great collaboration if they saw the same potential for this space that I did, and I was thrilled when I got the green light to go ahead with the project.

Pre-Project Planning

My first step when I’m planning a room redo is to create a list of projects and prioritize what needs

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