Home Maintenance Costs You Can Expect, State by State

Before you purchase a home, go ahead and factor in the maintenance costs as well.

Buying your first home can be one of the most thrilling experiences, but while you determine the price range you’re willing to pay, don’t forget about the cost of home maintenance.

While visiting properties to possibly purchase, you’re already imagining how you’re going to decorate the house, what kind of furniture you want, and the moments you will create.

But there are more homeownership costs than you think. The cost of maintaining a house is quite different from just buying a house.

Before you look for properties, create a budget for not just the house’s cost but also its maintenance. Expect to spend at least 1% of the home’s cost in maintenance every year.

Porch.com studied ZIP codes with the highest home maintenance cost, lowest costs, and where you can expect to spend your money every year.

If you haven’t thought about how often you should be aerating your lawn or keeping your house intact, keep reading.

Average Home Maintenance Costs By State

Home maintenance costs by state, 2020

Any home’s cost depends on where you live, and the home’s style, age, and type can also influence that amount.

From ranch-style

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5 Garden Design Tips for a Green, Beautiful Backyard

Before you plan your garden, first consider how to make it beautiful and eco-friendly. (DepositPhotos)

When it comes to climate change and the state of our planet, all actions matter. Each one of us can do something to reduce our carbon footprint — starting with something as simple as garden design.

If you have even the smallest garden and you love spending time there and caring for it, you can start introducing changes.

Step by step, you can transform your backyard into a sustainable garden that will benefit you and our planet. Best of all? You can do it without losing any of its beauty or charm.  

Man-made pond in a beautiful garden
Before you purchase a pond system, consider its depth so fish can thrive. (DepositPhotos)

1.   Make Your Pond Eco-Friendly

A well-designed pond can be a garden’s focal point, but it brings multiple benefits other than looks.

It can help you create a whole, healthy ecosystem in your backyard and provide you and your family a place to relax.

However, you need to consider several things to make sure that it’s environmentally-friendly and easy to maintain.

A pond needs to be deep enough if you want to fill it with living organisms such as

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Eco-Friendly Green Adhesives

More and more homeowners don’t just want sealant, they want environmentally friendly sealant. (DepositPhotos)

Squeeze some construction adhesives onto a surface, and you might also release potentially hazardous chemical substances into the air inside your home.

Like many products around the house, solvent-based adhesives typically contain high levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

These compounds play a role in the formation of smog and pose a health risk when trapped indoors.

For these reasons, a growing number of states regulate VOC amounts. And people across the nation seek green alternatives to VOC-laden products, including adhesives and sealants.

Applying Titebond Construction Adhesive on a cinderblock
Titebond GREENchoice Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is a water-based, eco-friendly option for projects.

Environmentally Friendly Adhesives

Fortunately, many manufacturers of construction adhesives have developed products that either contain no VOCs or meet state limits for VOC content.

This makes it easy for you to find the right green adhesive for most of your home repair and remodeling projects.

The products you pick will depend in part on how green you want to go. You might search for a product that contains negligible or no VOCs and is sold in sustainable packaging. Or, you might choose one that is VOC-compliant.

Titebond GREENchoice adhesive
Titebond GREENchoice
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How to Seal Windows, Doors and Trim

Sealing your home’s envelope — exterior surfaces that protect it from the elements — will increase energy efficiency, prevent water damage and improve the home’s appearance. 

Temperature changes cause every home to expand, contract and crack. Sealing gaps around your home’s windows, doors and trim is necessary to keep the elements outside, where they belong.

Now, it’s easier than ever to cover those cracks and create a seal that will stick around.

This gap in a a residential doorway needs caulking
Thermal expansion and contraction lead to unsightly gaps like this one. 

About Expansion and Contraction

It’s been said that death and taxes are life’s two certainties, but every homeowner knows you can add thermal expansion and contraction to that list.

Building materials expand or contract as the temperature drastically changes. The structure’s size doesn’t matter; neither does the material’s strength. Whether it’s concrete, stone or wood, expect it to expand when heated and contract when cooled.

Thermal impact isn’t the only cause of unsightly gaps. Shifting soil and foundation settlement contribute to the problem.

Think about where window and door frames, along with trim, meet siding. These joints may appear seamless today, but soon nature will take its toll.

Left untreated, these gaps can let air and water

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Guide To Taking Care of Your Southern Lawn

Southern lawns require precise and continuous care. Our guide to southern lawn care will keep your lawn looking gorgeous and green. | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © izikMD

Southern lawns require precise, year-round care in order to stay green and lush. Contrary to popular belief, comprehensive southern lawn care doesn’t end with mowing your lawn and turning on your sprinklers. This complete guide to southern lawn care will show you exactly how to get and maintain the lawn you’ve been dreaming of.

But maintaining a great-looking lawn can be a challenge. If you don’t have time to manage your own lawn care, consider choosing a reputable and professional lawn care company to manage your property on your behalf. 

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Warm season grasses

Homeowners in the southern United States have the unique challenge of finding outdoor plants that thrive in dry, hot conditions. Fortunately, there are many plants from around the world adapted to these conditions that can make themselves right at home

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How to Plan Your Dream Kitchen the Easy Way

Creating a dream kitchen is not an overnight project. The entire process, from design to purchase and installation, could take weeks.  

Every home has a kitchen, but it may not be a dream kitchen where form meets function.

If you want to transform a boring or outdated kitchen into a beautiful cook’s kitchen, plan now to prevent surprises later.

Before you visit the first showroom or click on a website, ask yourself these three questions.

European-style cabinets in a dream kitchen with two glasses of wine on the countertop.
European-style cabinets look great in this modern kitchen, but consider your entire home’s interior design before including them in yours.

What’s your style?

Some of the most popular kitchen styles are contemporary, coastal, cottage, farmhouse, Mediterranean, modern, old world and traditional.

But which matches your home’s interior?

Once you’ve settled on that, think about your dream kitchen’s cabinets, which usually take up the most space. Do you want Shaker, Raised Panel or European-style cabinets?

Check out inspiration photos on Cabinets To Go’s website, review their catalog or visit a local showroom and discuss your vision with their design experts.

Kitchen renovations are an investment and can provide equity to your home, so take plenty of time on the planning and design process. Make

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