Blending Traditional Christmas with Whimsical Style

The traditional Christmas decor that we’re all used to includes: A green  tree, white snowflakes and peppermint themed ornaments. Well this year, Carla Bethany is doing it her way – Lots of color! See how she spiced up her Christmas tree and decor this year with the help of The Home Depot.

Whimsical Pink Christmas Tree

I have always dreamed of a pink Christmas tree. Pink, I know, is not a traditional Christmas color, but it makes my heart happy to see bright and fun colors during the holidays. I believe decorating should be fun, and you should not limit yourself to traditional red and green colors. This year I decided a pink tree would be all the whimsy I needed to blend traditional colors.

Blending Traditional Christmas with Whimsical Style

I ordered my tree online at Home Depot and picked up in-store. I enjoyed this process, and it makes life so much easier. While I was there, I was able to grab two containers of Fantasleigh Shatter- Resistant Ornaments in two sizes, an 11 in. Mercury Gold tree topper, and a roll of 15 ft Royal Easton Red Velvet Gold Ribbon for my gift boxes.

Blending Traditional Christmas with Whimsical Style

The Christmas tree was super easy to assemble,

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Beautiful, Affordable Storage Solutions for Every Room

Homeowners often tell me they don’t have enough storage — and they’re not sure about spending an arm and a leg for more organization. Fortunately, there’s a solution for stylish, affordable storage.

Plastic storage containers often are placed where they don’t belong. So, they quickly get beaten up and worn out. You could continually replace them or just get permanent, built-in storage. 

The Problem with Temporary Options

There’s no shortage of storage options out there. From baskets to plastic and rubber containers, you can find lots of products from big-box stores, dollar stores and high-end retailers.  

But these are temporary fixes for long-term problems. Homes never come with enough storage space, and nothing beats built-in organization.

Why purchase an endless supply of containers that will just fray, warp or bend out of shape — that you have to replace — when you could plan smart, permanent storage solutions?

If you think it’s a challenge to add affordable storage to your home on a budget, Cabinets To Go can help.

Modern craft room with raised panel cabinets from Cabinets To Go's Aspen White collection
Bathrooms, craft rooms and garages all have one thing in common: they need storage! Cabinets To Go has unique, affordable solutions for each room, like these Aspen White raised panel cabinets. 
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Simple, Classic Holiday Style – The Home Depot Blog

The holidays can get complicated, from gifts to decorating, but no need to worries thanks to Katie Dunn of Classically Dunn. Katie shared her simple holiday decorating tips and ways to fill your home with holiday cheer the classic way. Check out how she did it below with the help of The Home Depot.

Hello! Katie Dunn here. Decorating for the holiday season is a tradition I look forward to every year. There is something so nostalgic and cheerful about the holidays, don’t you think? As soon as the leaves start changing, I am dreaming of twinkling lights and evergreens. This year, our son is at an age where the holiday season is pure magic. So, when it came to decorating, I knew I wanted to stick to simple, yet classic Christmas decor in the living room – using plenty of evergreens and subtle pops of red, all while staying true to the overall neutral palette I love. The Home Depot had everything I needed to make my vision come to life this year!

Festive Living Room

Let’s start with the fireplace. The Home Depot was kind enough to send us this beautiful, pre-lit garland that came adorned with

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Creating a Festive Holiday Brunch

We all love a good, late breakfast, aka Brunch, especially on Christmas Day. Set up your dining room table to suit all of the family this Christmas season with inspiration from Jen Svendsen of Midwest Life and Style Blog. See how she transformed her dining room for a holiday brunch with the help of The Home Depot.

I love everything about the holiday season. The traditions. The food. And, of course, the festive decor! For those who know me well, this should come as no surprise. (After all, I’ve had Christmas tunes on repeat for a few months now.) So this year I’m thrilled to team up  with The Home Depot as a partner for their Holiday Style Challenge to share some ideas for creating a festive holiday brunch.

Creating a Festive Holiday Brunch

One of my favorite holiday traditions is gathering around the table with family and friends for a meal. So for my style challenge, I decked out our dining room with pieces from The Home Depot’s home decor and holiday collections. Complete with a DIY hot cocoa bar, it’s perfect for a festive Christmas brunch, don’t you think?

Creating a Festive Holiday Brunch

Home for the Holidays

This year, more than

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What Is a Pool Warranty and What Does It Cover?

 Learn how a pool warranty protects your pool from damage and whether a home warranty comes with a pool warranty | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © Pipas Imagery

Homeowners who have a pool on their property love the flexibility and privacy that come with owning one. In order to enjoy these benefits, homeowners must maintain their pool and make repairs to it when needed.

In this article, we explain what a pool warranty is, what it covers and whether home warranty companies offer a pool warranty.

Pool warranty: A pool warranty is a contract designed to protect your pool from expensive repairs. These warranties are generally sold by pool manufacturers and buildings, but they are also offered by home warranty companies. We recommend considering purchasing extended coverage for your pool from a home warranty company.

In This Article:

Today’s Homeowner works with an independent reviews team to create evidence-based research that helps our readers make informed decisions. The reviews are always independent. For transparency, we may be compensated if you purchase through a link.

What Is a Pool Warranty?

A pool warranty is a contract provided or sold by pool manufacturers, pool builders or home warranty companies. These warranties are designed

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Adding A Touch of Winter To Our Dining Room this Holiday Season

Nothing sets the mood for the holiday season like a decorative dining room refresh. Warm and cozy for the family to enjoy dinner and each other’s company. Bryan Fiveash of DIY Daddy and his family decked out their dining room with the help of The Home Depot. See how he mastered this style challenge below.

As summer comes to a close every year, I always look forward to the change in the season. In my area, cooler temperatures and falling leaves invite thoughts of hot chocolate and possible snowflakes. I’m excited to see that time arrive again!

For my Home Depot Style Challenge, I want to show how my wife and I embellished our dining room with a mix of the newest product offerings from The Home Depot and a few of my own DIY projects.

For the past several months, traveling and shopping in-store hasn’t been an option for our family, but that hasn’t slowed my DIY projects down one bit! Nor did it affect me receiving the products I needed for this style challenge. As always, The Home Depot has both everything you need to decorate your home with the latest in seasonal decor, and super convenient ways

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