College Dorm Checklist: Your Guide to the Essentials

It’s better to be prepared now than have to purchase items after college has started. (DepositPhotos)

Moving out of Mom and Dad’s house and into on- or off-campus housing is an exciting milestone. But before moving day, you’ll need a college dorm checklist to ensure you have the essentials.  

Moving into a dorm or an apartment is a college student’s first taste of independence and freedom.

Having ‘your own place’ — or at least, one to share with a roommate — helps you to break out of your comfort zone, make new friends, and learn how to take care of yourself.

In other words, the dorm experience, like college itself, prepares you for the real world.

However, living on your own requires some advanced planning — which is why MyMove has put together a college dorm checklist.

White mini fridge for a college dorm. Fridge is stocked with assorted juices, bottles of water and fruit.
A mini fridge is a must for all those late-night cravings for food and drinks. (DepositPhotos)

College Dorm Checklist

Whether you need college dorm essentials for guys or for girls, this comprehensive list has everything to cover your basic needs (and even some luxuries).

For instance, you know to bring bedding, clothes and a desktop lamp. But don’t forget waterproof flip-flops for communal

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