Pivotal Home Solutions Review (2020)

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Pivotal Home Solutions coverage is unique to the industry. See if we think the setup is worth the money or if you’re better off with another provider. | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © romakoma

Homeowner’s insurance is there to cover your home systems and appliances in case of a catastrophic event. But in the likely event of a breakdown from normal wear and tear, you’ll want a home warranty

Choosing the best home warranty company is critical. When researching, you’ll want to look into plans, coverage exclusions, cost breakdowns, claims process and customer ratings. If that seems like a lot, don’t worry. The reviews team has done it for you.

One of the many home warranty companies we looked into was Pivotal Home Solutions®. Below, read our review and see whether we think this provider is a good choice. We ranked American Home Shield as our top pick. 

To get a free quote from American Home Shield, call 844-529-9298 or fill out your information online.

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Our Review of Whirlpool’s Warranty (2020)

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Whirlpool covers its products for the first year of ownership. See why you might want a home warranty after your Whirlpool warranty expires. | Photo Credit: Shutterstock © Vadym Andrushchenko

Home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool is a familiar name to many households across the country. Whether you are a current owner of Whirlpool products or are considering upgrading to this brand of appliance or system, it’s essential to understand how the warranty works. You should also have a plan in place for the next steps to take once the Whirlpool warranty expires.

A home warranty provides coverage for a variety of systems and appliances, regardless of their age or brand name. Purchasing a policy is a cost-effective way to maintain the equipment you own while protecting your budget from unforeseen expenses. The best home warranties also offer peace of mind that repair costs for the appliances you rely on most are covered.

We’ll explain how Whirlpool’s warranty varies among its appliances, the limitations of coverage, how to make a claim and what customer reviews say. We will also offer our recommendation for a better provider to cover your Whirlpool products: American Home Shield.

To get a free quote from American

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