Air Conditioner Guide: From Maintenance to Buying New Systems

Air conditioners outside a yellow home.
Keeping your home cool doesn’t just require purchasing an air conditioner; it also means maintaining the system. (DepositPhotos)

Staying cool is on the top of most people’s minds during the hot summer months. But what if your air conditioner isn’t working properly, or you don’t have one at all?

Whether your existing AC is in need of upkeep or you’re in the market for a new one, read on for tips to stay cool.

Friendly American Standard HVAC technician, who is wearing a cap, smiles, holds a clipboard, and stands beside a condenser unit
A heating and cooling specialist should check your air conditioner at least twice a year.

Maintain AC Units for Maximum Performance

First, let’s talk about maintenance. While many homeowners have an air conditioner, they don’t necessarily know the ins and outs of performing regular maintenance on it.

Why is regular AC maintenance important? By maintaining the system, you will extend the life of the unit, and your home will remain at a comfortable temperature without an uncomfortably high energy bill.

How to Maintain Window, Portable, and Wall AC Units

If you have window units, the most important maintenance step is to change the air filter regularly.

Most window units have a simple filter in the front grill area. Clean it once a month during cooling season

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