Top 5 Questions About Concrete

Danny Lipford spreading concrete mix inside a house
Working with concrete is easier than you may think, but proper prep, production and finishing are necessary to ensure the best results.

Working with concrete may seem complicated for the novice do-it-yourselfer, especially with different mixes and directions to follow. But with a little knowledge, it is easy to use around your home.

Here are the top five questions we receive about concrete, along with answers that will empower you to work with it.

Man pours concrete countertop mix into melamine forms
No one wants to pour concrete mix into a form and suddenly realize they don’t have enough. Always measure the project area before purchasing materials.

1. How much concrete mix do I need?

Concrete is measured in cubic feet, so measure the project area’s volume before visiting the home and garden center to purchase concrete mix.

Math isn’t necessary, but you will need the project area’s length and width in feet, and its height in inches. Then, enter those measurements in our quantity calculator.

Need more specific calculations? Try Quikrete’s calculators for concrete mix, mortar mix, fast-setting concrete, concrete crack sealant, mortar joint sealant and polymeric jointing sands, among other products. The calculator will tell you the number of bags you will need for your

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