How to Choose the Best Concrete Mix

Planning a concrete project is easy, but knowing which mix to choose for the job can be challenging.

Not sure about the best concrete mix to use? Don’t worry — it’s as easy as 1-2-3, especially with Quikrete Concrete Mix, Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete and Quikrete Countertop Mix, three of the most popular options.

If you use the right concrete mix and cure the project properly, you’ll have the best-looking, longest-lasting concrete.

Man trowels on concrete for a slab
Planning a patio, pool or sidewalk? Choose Quikrete Concrete Mix for big jobs. (Photo: Quikrete)

Quikrete Concrete Mix

Quikrete’s original concrete mix is a blend of portland cement, sand and gravel or stone, and it’s perfect for general concrete work.

If you’ve got projects at least 2 inches thick, choose this mix. So, whether you’re planning a patio or building foundation walls, concrete floors, steps or curbs, grab the yellow bag! It’s also ideal for casting pools, sidewalks, birdbaths and downspout troughs.

Just mix water and Quikrete Concrete Mix in a barrel-type concrete mixer or a mortar mixer. Or empty concrete bags into a mixing container and hand-mix with water.

Either way, follow the package’s directions to determine the water content and get the best results.

Man cures concrete with a hose
Water curing a
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