5 Simple Solutions to Make Lawn Maintenance Easy

Wheelbarrow loaded up with mulch for adding to the backyard landscaping
Maintaining your lawn is easy when you follow a few Simple Solutions. (DepositPhotos)

When you’re stuck at home, there’s no better time to tackle home improvements. Lawn maintenance is the first chore to tackle because everyone sees your yard.

But let’s face it: yardwork isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do, but these Simple Solutions make it much easier:

Man pulls up roots in backyard with a spade
Removing roots is much easier when you tweak your spade. (DepositPhotos)

1. Easily Remove Roots

you’re digging a garden or planting a tree, you’ll eventually stumble on some

You need to
remove surface roots and roots buried deep in the ground before planting
anything new.

But it’s not
difficult with this simple modification of one of your lawn maintenance tools.  

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Milk carton made into a holster for various gardening tools hangs on a lawnmower's handle
Try to get as many tasks accomplished as you can while mowing your lawn. This DIY holster can help.

2. Multitask
While You Mow

If you don’t
want to run back and forth for all the different tasks required to keep your
lawn looking good, you need to learn how to multitask.

It takes little expense to tweak your lawnmower to hold other lawn maintenance tools that make the job more efficient.

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Man's hand spreading grass seed over a bare spot on his lawn
Spreading grass
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