Your Complete Guide to Lawn Care Services

Green lawn lined with stepping stones and manicured hedges and flower beds
Everyone wants a gorgeous, green lawn — but not everyone has time to do their own lawn care. This guide to lawn care services can help you choose the right team for your property. | Shutterstock, © aimful

Caring for your lawn can cost you time, money and stress. From mowing your lawn to removing weeds, comprehensive lawn maintenance can be a pain. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle your lawn care alone.

If you want a healthy lawn without having to take all of the time and effort to make it look its best, you may want to consider hiring a professional lawn care company. Just make sure you do your homework on which company you go with. Not all lawn care companies are the same, and the services they provide aren’t all equal.

The reviews team understands that you only trust the most reliable companies with your lawn. The team has researched lawn care services across the United States, considering factors like price, customer satisfaction, services offered and more. 

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How to Dye Drop Cloths for Patio Curtains

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Use Fabric Dye to Customize Drop Cloth Curtains

Store-bought drop cloths are big and inexpensive. Add some fabric dye and you’ve got custom curtains perfect for hanging inside or outside on your patio!


Rit has color formulas for just about any color under the sun! Select your desired color and they tell you how many bottles of each color you’ll need!

Why Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are relatively inexpensive when compared to curtain panels of the same size. And that’s important since they’ll be outside in the weather they will likely need to be replaced every few years.

But I love that they are the exact right size for the opening on the patio we’re working on without any sewing from me! And since they’re durable and washable, it’ll be easy to keep them clean.

Prepare Your Curtains

You’ll want to use hot, hot water for all steps in this process! I used buckets to pour water onto my curtains. But if you’re doing this in a bathtub, you can eliminate the buckets!

After the curtains are thoroughly wet, remove them and set aside. (On second thought, the buckets would come in handy for this

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