3 Green Alternatives for Your Next Home Renovation

Home renovation; interior under construction
When you plan a home renovation, consider environmentally green construction alternatives. (DepositPhotos)

With Earth Day approaching, many people are asking how they can make a difference when it comes to their effect on the environment — especially if they’re planning a home renovation.

According to a recent report, the typical U.S. household’s
carbon footprint is over five times the global average. Food, housing,
transportation, apparel and other personal services are included in this
household consumption statistic.

There are plenty of ways you can change your behavior to be
suitable for a more sustainable lifestyle. Energy consumption, water usage and
the types of materials used are all areas of home living of which you can be
more conscious.

So, the next time you’re undergoing a home renovation, consider some of these green
alternatives to ensure you’re doing your part to be environmentally friendly!

Discussing home renovation financing options
Home renovations aren’t cheap, but numerous loans are available to finance them.

Financing Your Efforts

Since housing is one of the main factors influencing your
carbon footprint, choosing green home renovations is a good place to start to reduce your
environmental impact.

However, the high cost of these renos prevents many people
from moving forward with them. Fortunately,

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