4 Easy Ways to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

Small garden, fenced in, with dog in backyard
The secret to an inviting small garden is to keep it simple but picturesque. (DepositPhotos)

Taking in the
sights and smells of a small
garden can be relaxing. The trick, however, is creating the feeling of a
vast expanse, especially with limited space.

So, what’s the
magic formula? Here are 4 tips to enhance any small garden’s appearance.

Decluttered small garden with hardscaping
Mixing landscaping and hardscaping, such as this stamped concrete patio, is one way to declutter a small garden while keeping it visually pleasing. (DepositPhotos)

1. Declutter Your Small Garden

Remove any features
in your garden that use up a lot of space; having too many large features ends
up making your already limited space look and feel cramped.

Maybe you’ve
installed outdoor seating for 10 people — how about reducing that seating to
serve four? The idea is to get everything you don’t need off the floor, if it’s
a balcony, or your lawn, and to see more of the ground.

To that end, if your garden hose doesn’t have a proper home, and it’s just curled up like a snake on the ground — a wall-mount garden hose reel will free up considerable floor space for you! And it will make

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