5 Kitchen and Bath Areas You Need to Clean Now

Woman cleans her kitchen faucet aerator
Do you clean your kitchen faucet’s aerator? Not many homeowners do! (DepositPhotos)

You’ve checked everything off your spring cleaning to-do list. Your floors are spotless, closets decluttered and ceiling fans dust-free. But what about your kitchen and bath areas?

Here are five areas you’re likely neglecting to clean, which could be affecting your family’s health and could cause appliances and to malfunction, hurting your household budget.

Kitchen range hood
How often do you clean your range hood’s filter?

1. Range Hood Filter

Kitchens and baths have appliances and fixtures that are easy to bypass when you’re cleaning the house.

The range hood filter is probably the most overlooked area in the kitchen. Its job is to exhaust grease, smoke and other toxins from the kitchen to the outdoors, leaving behind cleaner air.

You need to clean a kitchen range hood filter to remove grease and grime that can make the fan less effective and shorten its life.

To do this, soak metal filters in hot, soapy water. You can also add a small amount of degreaser or ammonia to the water to help break down stubborn build-up. Wipe down the exterior and underside of the range hood with a sponge and soapy water

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