The Best Home Warranty Companies in Colorado

Blue shingled home with wood front door and white columns behind a green lawn
Learn about the best home warranty companies available to Colorado residents. | Shutterstock © Imagenet

When choosing between the best home warranty companies in Colorado, it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions, coverage limitations and costs.

Whether your Colorado home is located against a Rocky Mountain backdrop or in a busy city like Denver, a home warranty protects you from the repair cost of expensive breakdowns.

Because of the bitter winters in some areas of the Centennial State, your family can’t afford an inoperable heating system or malfunctioning water heaters. 

Home warranties are the answer, and an independent reviews team did the homework on Colorado residents’ best options. So, without further delay, here they are!

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To help you in your search, the reviews team provides unbiased information regarding products and services, including reviews of major home warranty companies.

Before recommending providers to readers, the reviews team analyzes the number and quality of available plans. They also research customer service ratings,

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4 DIY Projects for a Perfect Picnic

Picnic basket, tablecloth and food spread out in a backyard
You can plan the perfect picnic, regardless of your budget or skill sets. (DepositPhotos)

Enjoying a meal or snack with family and friends is a great way to relax in your backyard. Whether the outing takes place on a picnic table or a tablecloth spread on the lawn doesn’t matter. Spending quality time with loved ones and getting some fresh air are all you really need.

Here are four
projects you can tackle to create a perfect picnic.

Picnic table, built from pressure treated pine
Building a picnic table that seats eight should take just six hours.

1. Build a Picnic Table

Maximize your
outdoor living with seating for up to eight people. Building a picnic table
isn’t that difficult when you work from plans.

You just need
to purchase the right materials and head to your workshop, or rent tools from
the home center.

A picnic table takes about six hours to build and of course, safety comes first. So, grab some safety glasses, earplugs, work gloves and a dust mask, and then grab or rent some tools and purchase the materials.  


  • Miter saw
  • Radial sander
  • Drill Driver
  • Hammer
  • File or chisel
  • Socket Wrench (with 7/16-inch bit)
  • Combination Countersink Bit (with 1/8-inch bit)
  • ½-inch and
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