The Easy Way to Install a Shiplap Wall

If you’re looking to refresh your home and want to give a room some instant texture and character, just install shiplap on the walls.

Shiplap is popular because it’s both functional and stylish. For instance, traditional shiplap boards have rabbet joints, or grooves, on both ends, linking them together for an easy, secure fit. This interlocking, water-tight design was especially useful for shipbuilding, hence, the name.

For decor, rabbet joints hide the interlocking connections and offer a graceful transition between each board. The result is a flush appearance that provides clean lines and rustic charm.

Reclaimed shiplap from old homes and boats is always in demand because it comes complete with the rabbet joints and just requires cutting to fit your space.

If you lack access to authentic shiplap, but still want this look, it’s possible to create a similar accent wall with lauan plywood.

Whether you use reclaimed wood or plywood from the home center, installation is pretty much the same thanks to innovations in construction.

Just follow the steps applicable:

1. Cut sheets of 1/8-inch lauan plywood lengthwise. You’ll want the strips as wide as you want each board. The length of the boards can match your wall’s

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