Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

Yvette Marquez of Muy Bueno Blog not only fills her home with delicious, authentic Mexican recipes but she also adds tradition and style through décor. Spending quality time with family while enjoying great food is what fueled the Muy Bueno Blog. See how Yvette merged her dining space and her everyday workspace with the help of The Home Depot.

Hola, I am Yvette from Muy Bueno, and I’m excited to share my double-duty office workspace studio and dining room project on The Home Depot Blog!

Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

As a food blogger I have collected quite a bit of props – dishes, silverware, linens, textiles, cookware and small appliances just to name a few. Not to mention my collection of Mexican pottery and obsession with thrifting.

Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

I finally had the idea to turn our rarely used formal living room into an office/studio/prop space/dining room.

Before the Makeover

Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

Here’s a before picture of the living room. This room was filled with oversized furniture, and the room was dark and rarely used.

After the Makeover

Double-Duty Office Workspace and Dining Room

Now, I have a stylish double-duty workspace and dining room using transitional pieces that transform a casual home office for everyday use into a prop storage space, studio space

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Smart Kitchen Upgrade with LG

New, modern homes are made perfect, especially when you fill them with all the latest technologies that make your life a breeze. The Never Have I Ever Guys have finally settled into their new home with the help of The Home Depot. See how they were able to complete their move-in with these cool home appliances.

Experiencing new things is something we love to do as the Never Have I Ever Guys (or NHIE Guys for short)! Our latest adventure has been moving to our new house! One of the coolest parts of the move to our new house has been figuring out the amazing brands that would make our new house our home. Cue The Home Depot. One of the first things we needed to take care of was appliances. We had LG appliances in our last house, and we absolutely LOVED them, so it was a no-brainer that we would go the LG route in this house, too! Our goal in this house was to make it more of a smart home.

Smart Kitchen Upgrade with LG

A Smart App for a Smart Fridge

Smart Kitchen Upgrade with LG

We partnered with The Home Depot to hook us up with some goodies for the kitchen – first, the

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Is Dog Urine Killing Your Grass? Try This! | Ep. 60

Dog sitting in the grass
How to keep dogs from damaging your lawn

On this Week’s Podcast: Dog’s Killing Grass

We help a homeowner with some dogs whose urine is killing the grass in her backyard. 

Cathy says her two dogs are doing their “business” right off the steps of her deck. Her ground slants toward the deck, adding another issue to the dog mess. 

Dogs are one of the biggest culprits of causing a lawn’s brown spots. Urine usually causes your lawn to turn yellow in spots, sometimes with a bright green ring around the edges where diluted nitrogen in the urine acts as a fertilizer.

So, what can Cathy do about this? We suggest purchasing some pavers! Installing pavers at the bottom of the deck will create an unpleasant spot for the dogs, and create a new way to flow the mess away from the deck.

Laying a paver patio can make a great DIY project. Here’s how to do it:

            • Decide on the area the patio will cover, and pull strings to mark the borders. Allow for about 1 inch of slope away from the house for every 8 feet of the patio. That way, water will drain.
            • Dig

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Spring’s 5-Step Home Maintenance Plan

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it’s a great time to address any roof damage that came with the fall and winter, and clean those often-neglected gutters and downspouts.

You can make sure the air conditioner will work when temperatures skyrocket and take steps to prevent your clothes dryer from catching on fire.

And you can transform a blank backyard to colorful flowerbed landscapes that will make home look and feel more like ‘home sweet home.’

It’s possible to do these things, and more, to improve your home and enhance your life. But first, you need to have a plan. And for that, read on!

Clean The Roof And Check For Damage

Regular roof maintenance is the most important maintenance tasks you can do around the home, since the roof protects you and everything inside your home. You should keep your roof clean, clear and in good shape, as small problems today can lead to much bigger ones in the future.

Spring is the best time for roof maintenance because your roof has weathered the fall and winter; it’s seen its share of leaves, limbs and snowfall, and it’s finally getting a reprieve.

Lingering debris can lead to

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